How to Get More Money with a Personal Loan

How to Get More Money with a Personal Loan


Are you willing to consolidate your debts or have some holiday plan or refurbishment requirements or a wedding coming up? This and many rys to raise the fund you require. Not only the traditional in store facilities but an array of online fineasons may leave you looking for some extra cash to spend. Thankfully today there are numerous waancing options awaits customers on the internet. Only matter of thought is- can you secure funds so that you can achieve your dreams sooner? An obvious answer is yes!

Anybody who wishes to obtain short-termed quick cash can improve their odds to secure loans by taking a few measures like thoroughly understanding the approval criteria, building a responsible financial spending history and applying for the appropriate loan amount. Loans do have pitfalls as many unscrupulous lenders may bleed you with high-interest rates or processing fees. Luckily, loans from financial assistance websites like Personal Money Store can save you from signing up for a predatory loan and prove helpful if used responsibly only at the time of extreme needs.

How to improve the odds to secure a Loan?

The fear of rejection is the nastiest emotion associated with loans. However, it is no rocket science to understand the tackling with this trepidation. Follow these simple precautions and measures discussed here as they can definitely help you increase your chances of a loan approval.

  • Familiarize with Loan Approval Criteria:

The ways to establish a loan approval may differ from lender to lender. Also the rates, conditions, and terms are dependent on an individual's credibility to qualify for the desired loan amount. Having said that, there are certain underlying commonalities that do exist. This includes the capability of a person to manage the overall finances by verifying its individual's income and current debt obligations. Another major barometer is the FICO score which is an indicator that measures the risk level related to lending money to a particular borrower. At present, a FICO Score between 300- 850 is expected to be acceptable. Higher scores indicate greater chances of a loan approval.

  • Understanding your Credit Score

As discussed above credit score is an important and crucial parameter that needs to be reviewed before applying for a loan. It might not always be a decisive factor for certain loans like payday loans but it is definitely important for an auto loan, a mortgage loan and so on and so forth. One should review the credit report to find out their credit scores and if there are discrepancies or inaccurate information that is affecting the overall score. If there are any errors to be corrected you can do so by contacting the creditor or credit bureau itself. Just like how a low credit score can cause a problem. no credit score/credit history at all is also a hindrance in loans approval so make sure you have clean records as credit history.

  • Building Responsible Spending History

Being able to confirm that you can afford a loan may not be a cake walk. However, by limiting the expenses within the income capacity can help. In short, a balanced income, expenses and wage statements can prove your loan affordability. Others measures to build a responsible spending history may include the timely payment of utility bills, paying off your outstanding balances, avoiding store specific discount card account opening, taking care not to max out the credit limit and so on. Improving the credit score and having a responsible financial behavior will not only expand your chances of getting the loan approved but also will extend your access to competitive interest rates and terms. Always apply for a loan amount that you can explain the usage of in order to reduce the loan rejection probability.

  • Feel Free to Use Eligibility Calculators

Verifying credit scores and applying for loans with multiple lenders can negatively impact your score. Of course, if you try to verify your credit score for the same type of loan between 24-48 hours then credit agencies will assume you are shopping around for a loan and this might not lower your creditworthiness. The best alternative to avoid affecting credit scores due to numerous inquiries and arriving at the probability of a loan approval without applying for it is by using eligibility calculators. There are numerous eligibility calculators available on the internet. Key in the prompted information and check your eligibility without placing a search on your credit report or affecting your score.

How to safeguard yourself and your finances while borrowing money?

Now that you understand how to monitor factors in order to improve chances of a loan approval let us also discuss some ways to securely borrow a quick loan.

Opt for Loan Lender as Per Your Credit Score

Conventional lenders prefer good credit score candidates only; hence loan approvals chances are slim. Most borrowers are turned down by banks if they have a bad credit score or no score at all. The latter could possibly limit your options to choose the types of lenders. Many lenders offering loans to high-risk borrowers charge higher APR and ridiculously high fees. So it is wise to find online lenders specialized in lending to low-credit borrowers. Usually, it is not obligatory to report payments to credit agencies but if you find such a lender, it can help improve your credit score.

Go for Cash Advances Loan

It is easy to use a credit card cash advance by putting an emergency expense on it. However, credit cards cash advance fees can start at 3% and go up to 5%. Whatever balance gets issued to your account continues to accrue a monthly interest until you repay that balance completely. To avoid such high costs its worth opting for fast money through an online cash advance. Not only the process is quick but also it can help you consolidate your credit card debt with a personal loan at a lesser interest amount.

Choose Only Reputed Money Lenders to fulfill your loan requirement

In the digital era shopping for loans online is a smart choice. It not only saves you from hassles but also saves money and time that's ruined around selecting brick-and-mortar lending institutions. Besides, online lenders operate at significantly low costs which translate into a benefit in the form of low-interest rates. Unfortunately, many fall prey to advance fee loan scams. To avoid shady online lenders it is worth verifying the lender's state-license as a financial institution without any past/pending lawsuits or taking help from financial assistants.

Seek Secured Loans

Quite sometimes many won't qualify for various loans or credit card facilities. In such cases, secured loans can serve best. The borrower needs to provide a guarantee or security by signing for something like a vehicle, 401K loan or property as collateral to access a secured loan. This might not be a real quick way to get funds, but if someone has low credit or no credit and owns a valuable asset, qualifying for loans can be easy. Remember that there is a risk of losing the asset if repayments fail.

Look For Lenders with Quick Loan Approval Facilities

Personal lenders can probably offer the best interest rates and fees on loans. However, you should understand that even online lenders might take one to three days to process an application, approve loans, and finally deposit the funds into your account. There might be a soft credit check done for you to qualify for quick loans. Keep the identification and the proof of income handy before applying to quickly complete and submit an application.

Cosigned Loans can be an alternative

If bad credit is concerning you then approaching someone who has a better credit history and accommodating enough to co-sign the loan with you can do the needful. This often is the case for first time young borrowers. The co-signer shares the equal accountability to repay the loan and negative repercussions can affect their credit. Hence extra care should be taken to repay the loan in time and avoid defaulting.

Family and Friends Can Lend a Quick Loan Help

Finally, you can move to your support network and ask friends and family or those close to you if they can spare some cash for a quick loan. Discuss and agree on terms about how frequently you would repay the loan or if they expect you to pay an interest amount. To avoid relationship strains better it is advisable to sign a promissory note for the loan and once you get the cash you need, make sure you can repay them right away.

Alternative underwriting methods allow some lenders to offer personal loans to those with less favorable credit history and lowers FICO scores. Borrowers should be smart about the decision prior committing to any kind of loan. They should ensure that the repayment schedule will not seem aggressive and pose threats to their financial health. If you desperately need cash and think you can afford to take time finding a loan and comparing costs, just do it. Remember that when you are financially vulnerable it's likely to fall for predatory lending tactics and scams. Take time to calm yourself, get yourself educated about various loans and opt for the only choice that's the best possible solution for you.


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My Best Original Screenplay Oscar Predictions Based Solely On The Writing, As It Should Be

Let's focus on the writing, not the politics.


The Oscars are almost here, so it's time to make predictions.

Except, if you're like me, you probably haven't seen all the nominated movies. This year, I realized I had not seen any of the films up for Best Original Screenplay. This was a bit of a failure moment for me as a hopeful future screenwriter, but I took the opportunity to do something everyone always says to do when you're learning—read scripts.

I decided to read these scripts and make my predictions based solely on the writing, as it should be. I read each script, then watched the trailer and read a few articles about the movies to answer any questions.

And here's what I decided.

"The Favourite"

I'd heard great things about this movie before reading it, so I was excited to study this screenplay. It was well written, I will be honest, so bravo to Deborah Davis and Tony McNamara. But, it still left some to be desired. It definitely has its good qualities and is justified in its being a, well, fan favorite.

Except, the script relied heavily on subtext for commentary. Any narrative, no matter what time period it takes place in, will be held against the current societal environment regardless of intentions. However, it was clear that this film's intentions were to place a female voice in history and in current outlets. Which, of course, is not a bad thing. However, this film does so with disregard for true equality. The female focus is at the men's expense, which is not true equality (but that's an argument for another time).

I actually found the story predictable. The story tried to build suspense around the war, but even that seemed like a second priority to the writers after the love triangle. The script didn't explicitly tell the reader "how to feel," but it was strongly implied by the end.

"First Reformed"

This was a solid film written by Paul Schrader. Each scene really does move the plot forward which is story 101 but still important to note sometimes. Even the scenes that seemed like they would be time fillers allowed for the voice-over narration of Toller's journal.

This voice over was a nice touch of characterization and introduced well in the first scenes. This introduction was so well written, I could see exactly how it would play out, which is textbook screenwriting. The dialogue was believable. The setting description was a good balance and told part of the story too.

But there was that ambiguous, "La La Land"-dream-sequence-ish ending though.

"Green Book"

Okay, this one. This film is important and was skillfully written, so definitely a bravo to Peter Farrelly, Brian Currie, and Nick Vallelonga.

This film spoke to racial equality in the sense of true equality—meeting on the same level. It took place in one of America's shameful times and followed a white man realizing how things really are for those different from him and learning how to use his privilege in a way that helps and not harms. Like Dr. Shirley said, "You never win with violence." And as far as movies nominated in this category based on true stories, this did the best at maintaining the integrity of the original.

The writing was phenomenal. There was a personality in the action. The characterization was shown, not told. This was done through the actions, letters, reactions, how the characters treat others and how other characters treat the main characters. There was evident development in growth in the two main characters Lip and Dr. Shirley. It ended nicely, and the scenes were paced well.


This story would be better as a novel, in my opinion. The descriptions were beautifully written, so much so that every time there was dialogue or a scene change, I was roughly drawn out of the story. For a script, the action was almost too artsy and I could tell that it would be better visually than in writing. There were a few inconsistencies, like how Pepe calls Cleo "mom" in the beginning when Señora Sofia is actually his mom. Of course, this was probably meant to be just a kid crying for his mom when he was tired, but it leads to some confusion going forward when introducing characters.

This film was artfully written by Alfonso Cuarón. Most of the time, there was a good balance between detailed and vague descriptions (except that one part that described the color of the sky even though this is a black and white movie). I was struck by the impactful use of sound descriptions woven into the script, such as the car horn or the plane flying overhead. This was something that was present in the other scripts but didn't make as much of an impact, in my opinion, as it did in "Roma"


Oh goodness, where to begin? Adam McKay begins this script with an indignant tone in the superimposed text saying they "did their f***ing best" to tell a true story. But did they? No. If this Best Original Screenplay award is based on the writing, then "Vice" is shockingly nominated. If it's based on political people-pleasing, then I guess the nomination makes sense. The film is riddled with a bias to the left. It assumes the viewers agree with the flat narrative of the film and that we all see the characters as the one-dimensional people they movie portrays. The film even addressed this bias at the end, but the way they did didn't level the playing field at all, but just pandered to that bias, trying to pick a fight. Well, they shouldn't be dignified with a response, in my opinion.

But I digress. The writing. That's what we're here for.

Unfortunately, even the writing was objectively bad compared to the other scripts. And I don't say that lightly. It read like a school project that was completed the night before it was due. There were typos everywhere (notably, "due" was spelled "do"). The story and scenes seemed willy-nilly thrown together with the only goal of pushing an opinion. The framework and organization were centered around how best to convince the viewer of McKay's views, not tell the story. It's a very serious subject that's covered here and could've been handled better instead of this script that reads like a comedy with political propaganda tendencies.

And now, my predictions for best original screenplay go to...

I'll break this down into categories.

My favorite: "Green Book."

What should win: "Green Book."

What will probably win: "The Favourite."

They all have a chance, but if "Vice" wins, then what are we all here for? The writing, or politics?

The other films all had their stance in politics without taking away from the story being told. "The Favourite" was female-driven with LGBT aspects and classist themes while telling the story of Queen Anne and her ladies. "First Reformed" critiqued megachurch culture, environmental activism, and big business while telling Toller's story of grief. "Green Book" also had some classist themes and attacked racist tendencies in a way that can educate and change minds by telling a historical story. "Roma" was the story of a family set in cultural and political context. But "Vice" was just about politics and not the story.

Let's focus on the stories. Let's focus on the writing.

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How you can Enhance your Marketing Campaign with the the help of proper Content Marketing

Hey SEO Friends,

I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the concept of Content Marketing. But most of you probably never really went in-depth into this topic. I think you are missing out on something.


From our own experience we can tell you that content is the most underrated factor in a marketing campaign.

Most people worry about unnecessary factors while they should take a look at their content. Think about it: If you have significantly good content (no matter if it´s written, audio or video), people will naturally talk about you.

That´s the truth. And while you still have to take the time to distribute your content, I can tell you that you will have a much easier time to get attention to your content.

You may wonder why producing the best content out there will work?Because Marketing and Content is like Ying and Yang - It synergizes perfectly.

The process will look like this:

  • -You create awesome content
  • -You distibute the content
  • -People will see your content
  • -If your content stands out, visitors will remember it and talk about it with their friends (Viral Cycle Time)
  • -More people will see your content
  • -You don´t need to distribute it anymore
  • -It will automatically turn into a viral loop

All of this is only possible if you produce significantly better content than your competitors. People want to remember you as the expert. If you can show that you know what you are talking about then other people will grasp on that and think of you as the main person in your field!

We are pretty sure that you can at least DOUBLE your marketing results with proper content marketing. Do your own testing right now but we can assure you that no matter what you do (SEO, SMM, PPC, etc...) - Content will always remain the Foundation of a successful Marketing Campaign.

If you want to read more about this topic, and learn how you can use content marketing as a gateaway for a more successful marketing campaign, then make sure to take a look at our most recent blog post:

So now our question to you: Do you feel like you currently focus enough about your content creation? If not then why?

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