5 Ways To Get In The Fall Mood
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5 Ways To Get In The Fall Mood

A guide on how to start embracing fall this year

5 Ways To Get In The Fall Mood

Fall on campus is the best and most calming time of year. The leaves, the cool weather, the fashion, everything about it makes me appreciate my surroundings more.

But, every year, I seem to take for granted this uplifting feeling of fall and delay truly soaking it in. Before I know it, the holidays hit, and winter forces me back into my dorm. This year I'm making it a priority to enhance my fall experience with these 5 tips and tricks.

1. Bring autumn indoors

Start this season by making your dorm feel more cozy. Scent can drastically improve the fall vibes in your dorm; my absolute favorite scent is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from Bath and Body Works. It's warm and not nauseatingly sweet. I have the wallflower plugged in in my dorm and the room spray for backup.

The music you play in your dorm can really help the mood. Make a new fall playlist with coffeeshop vibes and artists. I love artists like The Lumineers, Cage the Elephant, and Rex Orange County on crisp fall days.


2. Switch up your entertainment

Switch out your normal movies and T.V. shows to better fit with your fall mood. This could start with the obvious autumn movies like Halloweentown and Twitches.

The ultimate fall mood booster for me is Gilmore Girls; the small town feel, community closeness, and Connecticut foliage makes me love fall. Find something that reminds you of fall and how amazing it is!

3. Enjoy fall foods!

Embrace fall with seasonal foods. Of course, pumpkin is a given. The pumpkin cream cold brew at Starbucks is my go to fall drink, and the fact that it only comes once a year makes me really associate it with autumn and savor it!

Shop Trader Joe's fall foods like their pumpkin chai concentrate, ice cream, or even pumpkin ravioli.

Even if you're not into pumpkin, there are plenty foods to remind you of fall. Treat yourself to warm apple cider donuts, or make an epic fall charcuterie board to enjoy with friends.


4. Attend fall festivities

This doesn't have to only consist of the traditional fall activities like pumpkin patches, apple picking, or hayrides (but all of those do sound great). The smallest things throughout the season can help us cope with its short and temporary nature. This could be as simple as doing homework or reading outside rather than in your dorm to take in the cool weather before winter hits.

I always associate fall with comforting coffee shops. Head out for some coffee at Rosie's or another local shop and take fall in!

5. Make a mood board

I am a super visual person and the satisfying feeling I get when I make a cohesive mood board on Pinterest lets me figure out what kind of aesthetic I want for the season.

This could be a fashion board to narrow down some fall trends or it could just be a board that matches your general aesthetic. Any effort towards building your fall vibe will help you embrace the season.

Here's my vibe board on Pinterest for fall!https://pin.it/38fnhMw

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