As everybody always gets told, water is the best way to have clear skin, no headaches, and better skin tones. Well, it's easier said than done, because unless you are a water junkie; you will want to pick that cup of coffee, tea, or yummy pop instead. I know for me that since I actually started increasing my water intake, it truly made an impact.

And these are the things that helped me with having that become a habit.

1. Get a cute cup.

Y'all, getting a cute mug or bottle sounds silly, but truly makes all the difference when you are trying to hit that goal. It doesn't matter the price if it works then it works!

2. Always keep it iced.

When I say iced, I defiantly don't refer to it being iced like in coffee, invest in an ice maker or bagged ice from sonic (yes, that's a thing). Keeping it cold is a necessity because it cools your temperature down, and helps to drink it when it's not lukewarm.

3. Put yummy add-ons in it.

They said to drink water but never said not to add yummy fruit. Adding a simple lemon, a few cut up strawberries, or even some limes can seriously make it taste better and not be so bland!

4. Set an alarm for every two hours.

Every two hours you should be refilling your water bottle to get more. That alarm not only reminds you to be done by that time but holds you accountable; let me tell ya!

5. Every time you use the restroom, drink up!

This might seem silly, but if all else has failed; make it a point to drink three big gulps every time you go to the bathroom. This is not only healthy for your body but puts you closer to that goal.

Now, take those tips and put them into action! Go achieve that water goal, and stay hydrated my friends.