1. Plan out my meals, and eat healthier.

2. Write everything that needs to be done into a calendar.

3. Say positive things to myself, about myself.

4. Spend my money wisely.

5. Get rid of every item of clothing that I never wear.

6. Try new activities, even if they give me anxiety at first.

7. Travel, even if it’s to the next nearest city.

8. Pamper myself.

9. Leave whatever might be making me miserable. My house hold, my job, my habits.

10. Start listing my goals, and achieving them.

11. Ask myself what I actually need and want.

12. Let my creative side be free. Paint, sing, dance, write, be myself.

13. Try to keep someone’s else’s opinions, with that person. Not allowing anyone to influence my own feelings about myself.

14. Keep an eye out for my mental health each day.

15. Do everything that makes me happy.