How To Channel Your Inner Rory Gilmore This School Year
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How To Channel Your Inner Rory Gilmore This School Year

“I just take a book with me everywhere. It’s a habit.” — Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

How To Channel Your Inner Rory Gilmore This School Year

During the 2000s, Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls stood out as an iconic role model on television. Rory Gilmore personified the ideals that both young individuals aspired to be and parents hoped their own children would emulate.

Diligently, she dedicated herself to her academics, working her way to excellence at the prestigious Chilton private school and later at Yale University. On screen, she often found herself seated on her living room floor, meticulously reviewing her notes or engrossed in the pages of nearly every English-language novel (and quite a few in other languages as well). She was the idol of many individuals, inspiring them to imitate her.

Nonetheless, as children transition into adolescence and confront the more demanding phases of their academic journeys, some may find themselves struggling to maintain their enthusiasm for learning. With the term “gifted kid burnout” gaining prevalence in our lexicon, teenagers may encounter difficulties in effectively navigating the approaching school year.

Regardless of whether you’re grappling with burnout, grappling with a lack of motivation, or brimming with excitement about the upcoming school year, I’m here to offer some guidance on how to reignite your passion for learning and channel your inner Rory Gilmore this year — while keeping it realistic.

Here are some ways to be like Rory this school year!

1. Make a super duper cool playlist

Whether it's Rory and Lane talking about music or Rory and Lorelai obsessing over The Bangles, both made their passion for music known. So for this year, making a playlist of your favorite songs is a must for back to school. Some artists I recommend are Lana Del Rey, Fleetwood Mac, Tame Impala, boygenius, The Japanese House, and Father John Misty.

2. Coffee, coffee, coffee

Coffee is Lorelai and Rory’s religion — I don’t think they went one episode without a cup. Now I know coffee usually gets a bad rep, but surprisingly there are positive health benefits from drinking it. Since it's packed with antioxidants and prebiotic fiber, which are essential for reducing inflammation and healthy digestion, coffee is an amazing drink for your gut and skin! Coffee is a longevity drink, which means that it can help you live longer. Your body may process glucose better when you drink it, which means you are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Just remember to drink 1 to 2 cups a day if doing so, since coffee makes anxiety worse and can cause some jitters. If this happens to you, drinking decaf coffee works the best:) Some fall drinks from Starbucks I recommend are Apple Crisp Oatmilk Frappuccino, Pumpkin Crew Cold Brew, and the fall favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte.

3. Read for pleasure

Rory, an enthusiastic reader, is rarely seen without a book in hand. Don't just read the books that are mandatory for school, select books that captivate your interest and incorporate reading into your daily routine. This practice will aid in the expansion of your vocabulary and the sharpening of your critical thinking abilities.

4. Study

Rory has gained a reputation for her unwavering dedication to a structured timetable. To obtain Rory's study habits, start by crafting a detailed schedule that allocates time for studying for each subject or course that you are taking. Don’t forget to incorporate short breaks into your plan and adhere to it with utmost discipline!

5. Develop a strong work ethic

Achieving good grades is one aspect of academic success, but cultivating a robust work ethic represents an entirely distinct challenge. Many teenagers may indeed secure impressive grades, but frequently do so at the cost of their mental well-being. What good are high marks if they come at the expense of deteriorating mental health? Unhealthy study habits, such as procrastination, perfectionism, and disorganization, may not immediately impact one's grades, yet they inevitably lead to burnout and a diminishing drive for academic pursuits. The cornerstone of academic achievement lies in developing a sturdy work ethic. Gradually pacing your study sessions on a daily basis proves far more manageable and effective than perpetually resorting to last-minute all-night cramming sessions before exams. Establishing the discipline to follow these principles will prove invaluable in the long run, as motivation can be fleeting, but a strong work ethic endures.

6. Take notes

Rory has garnered a reputation for her meticulous note-taking skills and remarkable information retention. Follow suit by diligently taking notes during class and annotating your textbooks. Elevate the structure of your notes with the use of highlighters and a variety of colors, ensuring they are well-organized. Make it a daily practice to review your notes for enhanced learning. For digital note-taking, consider utilizing tools like GoodNotes and Notion, which can be particularly effective.

7. Stay organized

Staying organized should be your top priority for the school year. Whether you’re in high school or college, having a planner is a must have. Write down any important dates, assignments, tests — whatever you need to write down to remember what you have to do on a certain day. If you are in college, make sure your dorm room, apartment, or house that you are living in each semester is clean and organized. Everything works better when you know where everything is.

8. Create a schedule/routine

Creating a routine based around your schedule of school is necessary. Plan out your morning routine — working out, breakfast, shower — whatever it may be before classes start. If you’re in college and have classes later in the evening, create a routine that would work around them — when you eat dinner, take a shower, etc.

Let this be the year you work extra hard and succeed in whatever you are doing. Have a great school year!

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