How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

She is beautiful, but modest. She is intelligent, but remains humble. It is something about her beaming eyes, exuberant smile, and electric presence that has the power to captivate everyone around her. Her spirit is lighthearted. When she laughs, she has the power to make everyone laugh along with her. She is a gentle soul. She cares deeply about others and the world around her in the sincerest of ways. She is genuine. She is unapologetically spontaneous. She has a keen eye for success. She is driven.

She is everything you could ever hope to be.

Well, why can’t you be “her?” There is nothing and no one that can stop you.

Every day you make a choice. You decide how you want to portray yourself and be perceived by the world around you. The difference between you and her is initiative. While you passively admired her, she actively became the person she wanted to be.

You are not helpless. Who you are is not out of your control. There is no use lamenting over how you don’t eat healthy enough, don’t do your hair enough, aren’t successful enough; how you aren’t enough. Those things are fixable. Those things are in your control. You have the power to change those things about yourself if that is who you want to be.

No one can ever love you if you do not love yourself. A person without confidence is a butterfly without wings. Find who you want to be, become her, and love her unconditionally. This self-love will shine through your smile, through your skin, through your pores. You will sparkle from the inside and out. Become a person that you want to be around. If you do not want to spend time with yourself, you can’t expect that anyone will.

There are 24 hours in a day. That's 1,440 minutes. That's 86,400 seconds. There are no excuses. Find time to work on yourself if you are unhappy. There is no use comparing yourself to others if you are not proactive in self-improvement. Don’t let those people discourage you by making you think you could never be like them. Don’t quit before you’ve started. Use them as a template, a blueprint of sorts, for your own enlightenment. Create a renaissance within yourself. Reform your ways. You are art; a blank canvas. Shape and mold yourself however you chose.

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