9 Ways To Be An Ally To Immigrants And Refugees
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9 Ways To Be An Ally To Immigrants And Refugees

After President Trump's executive order, our nation requires solidarity.

9 Ways To Be An Ally To Immigrants And Refugees
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1. Contact your local and state representatives.

This includes your mayor, city council, public school board, governor, and state senators and representatives. Encourage them to make solidarity statements in support of Muslim/refugee/immigrant constituents. Hold them accountable to the First Amendment to preserve religious freedom for all, not just Christians.

2. Reach out to local mosques and immigrant groups.

Find out what their community needs are and how you can support them through opportunities for solidarity.

3. Sign up for Daily Action or 5 Calls.

If you're nervous about talking on the phone to legislative staffers, this can help. These services will send you a daily text message with a legislator’s phone number, an issue to discuss with them and talking points.

4. Donate to national organizations.

National Immigration Law Center, Council on American Islamic Relations, Border Angels, and New American Pathways, to name a few.

5. Share a meal with someone who is affected.

Offer a listening ear and ask them what they need.

6. Talk with those you know who support legislation targeting immigrants.

This is the time for uncomfortable conversations with your family, friends, peers and coworkers.

7. Be aware of how you display your solidarity.

Don’t wear religious attire (such as the hijab). Wearing head coverings for a day as a non-Muslim does not truly encapsulate the every-day discrimination many face, disregards cultural and religious context, and can be offensive for some. Additionally, don't say things like "We are all immigrants." While this is true in some cases, it sounds very similar to "all lives matter." The ban is very specific and many among us who are most at risk did not immigrate to the country on their own terms. Prioritize those who are personally affected and stand in solidarity with them. That is common ground enough.

8. Know your rights if you attend airport protests.

Stay with a group and contact legal representation if necessary.

9. Be visible and use yard signs and social media to show solidarity.

#NoBanNoWall #NoMuslimBan #HereToStay

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