The 7 Commandments Of Being A Considerate Housemate/Roommate
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Student Life

The 7 Commandments Of Being A Considerate Housemate/Roommate

Just clean your own damn dishes.

The 7 Commandments Of Being A Considerate Housemate/Roommate
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Whether you are in a college dorm with a party-crazed roommate, or a house with six very vibrant personalities, living with other people may not be the easiest thing to deal with. Though you may love your house/roommates, there is always bound to be some sort of conflict that emerges after living with someone for a long period of time. From the roommate who doesn’t take their hair out of the shower drain, to the housemate who skips their month paying for toilet paper, everyone has their faults. No matter what type of roommate you are, it is important to remember these basic tips that will make your house/roommates grateful to be living with you.

1. Clean up after yourself.

It really shouldn’t be a difficult concept to understand. If everyone did this, the world would be such a better (and better-looking) place. Do your own dishes, throw out your garbage, and keep your things fairly organized.

2. Respect quiet hours.

Not everyone in your dorm or house is on the same schedule, so of course, it’s hard to instate a permanent time frame of when to keep quiet. However, a good roommate should always be aware if their roommates are trying to sleep and respect that.

3. Do your share of chores.

It is always a good idea when living with others to come up with some sort of organized cycle of jobs that keep the room or apartment well-kept. This includes when people should stock up on certain shared items like toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, trash bags, and other cleaning supplies.

4. If there is a problem, don't just ignore it.

Ignoring an issue that’s been bothering you will just stir you up even more. It is better to address the controversial topic head on, so that the problem doesn’t build into something more aggressive.

5. Settle conflicts together and compromise.

Once an issue is brought up right away, it usually isn’t that big of a deal and easy to find a solution to. It is important to make sure that your resolutions are accepted by all parties, though, so that there is not lingering tension or disagreement in the future.

6. Communicate.

It is OK to be honest and tell one another straight up what could be bothering you about their habits or what’s upsetting you just in general. Even communicating when you’re having a bad day can help your roommates understand why you’re acting a certain way.

7. Be friendly.

Even if you follow each one of the other tips, you can still be an unpleasant housemate if you are unfriendly or standoffish towards your roommates. Of course, you don’t need to be best friends with them, but simple small talk and smiling can go a long way.
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