How to not procrastinate

10 Productive Things To Do While Avoiding Your Homework

We all procrastinate, but why not get other things done in the process?


I am the queen of procrastination. I could have weeks to work on a project and I will still do it hours before it is due. I don't know if I work well under pressure or when this awful habit began, but there is no way I'm going to stop now. So instead, I've turned my procrastinating into activities that get some things checked off of my to-do list. There are always things that need to be done around the house or organized in your car. I am here to provide you with some of my favorite past times that relieve a little bit of stress while you avoid that 350-word discussion board you don't want to do. Let's get right into it.

1. Putting away that pile of laundry you folded and left on the end of your bed.

We are all guilty of it, but it's time to move that pile from the bed to your drawers.

2. Organizing all of your beauty products in your bathroom.

Creating a set of things on the counter you grab every day, and then the further you go down in drawers, the less you use those products. This changed the game for getting ready and allowed me to feel like quite the beauty guru.

3. Cleaning out your car.

Snag a box or trash bag and grab all of that junk you've been carrying around in your car for the last few months. Bonus procrastination points if you actually drive to a gas station that has free vacuums to deep clean it.

4. Prepare your meals for the week.

Even if you don't usually meal prep, I promise you, somehow you'll find yourself wasting 45 minutes cooking chicken and sweet potatoes.

5. Plan a trip somewhere.

Planning a trip is a perfect past time because when you finally have the time and money, you're ready to go.

6. Get rid of your old clothes.

There are so many pieces in my closet that I don't grab for anymore that could result in a little extra cash in my pocket. I could also use that money to get newer, cuter clothes. Win-Win.

7. Head to the gym.


Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

8. Rearrange your bedroom or living room furniture.

I recently saw a tweet about how kids used to rearrange their rooms all the time and it felt like an entirely new space. Maybe a new space will result in less procrastinating. Or watching more Netflix, either way, I'm down for it.

9. Create your own little spa.

It's time to do your eyebrows, put on a face mask, paint your nails, and whiten your teeth. Self-care if a bomb way to avoid responsibility and look great doing so.

10. Write out your week in full on paper.

Even if you aren't actually doing anything, at least you will know what to avoid in the future :)

All jokes aside, keep yourself from taking a simple project and turning it into a life-changing event all because you waited until the last minute. Doing small things toward academic goals every day make homework and other requirements less of a hassle in the long run. Set your goals and achieve them in a timely manner. But whenever you need a study break, head back here for some inspo.

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The Truth About Young Marriage

Different doesn't mean wrong.

When I was a kid, I had an exact picture in my mind of what my life was going to look like. I was definitely not the kind of girl who would get married young, before the age of 25, at least.

And let me tell you, I was just as judgmental as that sentence sounds.

I could not wrap my head around people making life-long commitments before they even had an established life. It’s not my fault that I thought this way, because the majority opinion about young marriage in today’s society is not a supportive one. Over the years, it has become the norm to put off marriage until you have an education and an established career. Basically, this means you put off marriage until you learn how to be an adult, instead of using marriage as a foundation to launch into adulthood.

When young couples get married, people will assume that you are having a baby, and they will say that you’re throwing your life away — it’s inevitable.

It’s safe to say that my perspective changed once I signed my marriage certificate at the age of 18. Although marriage is not always easy and getting married at such a young age definitely sets you up for some extra challenges, there is something to be said about entering into marriage and adulthood at the same time.

SEE ALSO: Finding A Husband In College

Getting married young does not mean giving up your dreams. It means having someone dream your dreams with you. When you get lost along the way, and your dreams and goals seem out of reach, it’s having someone there to point you in the right direction and show you the way back. Despite what people are going to tell you, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are going to miss out on all the experiences life has to offer. It simply means that you get to share all of these great adventures with the person you love most in the world.

And trust me, there is nothing better than that. It doesn’t mean that you are already grown up, it means that you have someone to grow with.

You have someone to stick with you through anything from college classes and changing bodies to negative bank account balances.

You have someone to sit on your used furniture with and talk about what you want to do and who you want to be someday.

Then, when someday comes, you get to look back on all of that and realize what a blessing it is to watch someone grow. Even after just one year of marriage, I look back and I am incredibly proud of my husband. I’m proud of the person he has become, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished together. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.

“You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, drink at 21, and retire at 65. So who can say what age you have to be to find your one true love?" — One Tree Hill
Cover Image Credit: Sara Donnelli Photography

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Summer And Jobs

Working summers doesn't have to be tedious.


Like many other college students, I was ready for summer but was kinda bummed that I had to work. Its not that I didn't like where I was working, I actually was really lucky to be working in a hospital environment but I just hated being alone all summer from 9-5. I've had this job for a few years now and a few other paid interns came and went but I never really connected with any of them. This year is different though.

I got really lucky to have another intern work with me that was very similar to me. The tasks we got were always simple but they were made to be more fun because I got to do them while talking with someone else. Now I actually enjoy and look forward to going to work.

The key to finding a good job is finding one that you enjoy doing and one that will help you gain knowledge that will help you out with future career plans. Working with friends also make tasks enjoyable! I would be careful with working with your friend however because if your job needs you to be serious and focused, being around your best friends may distract you from that.

Another thing that definitely makes summer jobs more enjoyable are taking breaks! It is your summer vacation after all! I'm not saying don't take a day off just to sit around, but if you make plans with family and friends, take a Friday off and enjoy the warm weather and good company! Employers understand that us college students and on break and have lives, they are usually very lenient with days off!

If you have to do a summer job to make money to live off of or pay for college, the best thing to do is look at the big picture. If you don't enjoy your job but can't afford to quit, remember that the money if going to help you out a lot. Also, this job is probably only for the summer right? So it's not permanent my friend! Get through these annoying few weeks and you will be back at college, taking steps for a bigger and brighter future.

Summer jobs are tough, I know, but make the most of it! And don't forget to enjoy it whenever you can!!!


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