Oh, How The Great And Mighty Do Fall

To say that this year's political circus has not entertained, would be absolutely fallacious. In fact, it has engaged many young people, who otherwise, would be chatting away via text message. However, amongst the hateful banter thrown back and forth between those within the same political party, and between those who reside across the aisle, certain news items have seemed, shall we say, neglected.

After taking a moment to appreciate the dark humor, it re-ignited my deep-seated hatred for those who prey on the vulnerable. Time and time again, those in positions of power are accused and charged with heinous crimes. Even at a small school like Allegheny, such occurrences, rare as they may be, do indeed transpire. Case in point: Kirk Nesset. The aforementioned was a former professor, here, and is currently facing what many consider to be a very lenient prosecution. People tend to gloss over the fact that at the time of his apprehension, there were over 500,000 images and videos of child pornography on a shared file. According to Assistant U.S. Attorney, Christian Trabold, Nesset's collection was one of the largest he had seen in his 15 years on the job.

The article also discussed how Nesset claimed he was sorry, and he claimed that he felt guilt for what he had done. Back in October of 2014, when the story was just breaking, gawker, the online news site covered it, and the surrounding issues. The affidavit is linked within the gawker article. Be warned: The FBI file does not spare any details with regard to the images/videos found on Nesset's computer files.

After reading the affidavit when the news first surfaced, I lost all sympathy for Nesset. He was well aware of his actions. In the more recent article, that was published in the Allegheny Campus, the defense tried to argue that medications and pre-existent medical conditions played a role in Nesset's hoarding behavior. To that I say, balderdash! I mean, it is almost as ridiculous as the Twinkie defense.

If it were up to me, Kirk Nesset would be in prison for life without parole. The only people in need of defense, in this case, are the victims. Character statements be damned.

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