How To Remain Stylish On A Budget

How To Remain Stylish On A Budget

Ways to maintain your style without breaking the bank

As the Summer season has quickly arrived, it is important to find great deals to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Below are some tips for someone who is just beginning to come into his or her own fashion sense for the Summer.

Shop at Thrift Stores

Do not be afraid to walk into stores like Plato's Closet, Goodwill, or local consignment shops. You can find some of the best clothing, name brand or not in these store for less than ten bucks.

There was a time that I used to be into oversized sweaters. I lucked up and got three of them for about $3 each from Goodwill. They were a great size, the colors matched some boots I already had at home and I got a lot of compliments on them.

Some people may look at you funny when you tell them where exactly you got these items from. But think about something, isn't it better to get a deal or a lot of nice items for under $100 rather than spending the same amount on one item?

Quick TipUse common sense don't be like them.


If you ever receive store coupons after making a purchase keep up with them! They will definitely have some use later on.

If you are not good at couponing, do some research. Try to keep up with the dates that are written in small fine print.

Write them down in a separate notebook if necessary.

Ask a good friend who knows how to coupon some techniques to get the best deals when shopping.

Or watch re-runs of Extreme Couponing online, this show use to come on TLC network.

If you're a fan of online shopping cupons are always the way to go! Normally upon the first visit to a website, they offer 10-20% off your purchase by just entering your email into their list.

Mix and match with your friends, sister or mom

Sometimes we become fashion inspired by television shows, our favorite celebrity and even better our inner circle. Take a peak into your mom's closet or go shopping with your best friend who knows how to layer clothes together. Borrow her skirt and ask her what kind of blouse can go with it.Use your resources.peak into your mom's closet or go shopping with your best friend who knows how to layer clothes together. Borrow her skirt and ask her what kind of blouse can go with it.Use your resources.

Use social media

I follow a ton of fashion blogs and big stores like Forever 21 and Banana Republic. I also keep up with Esty and ThredUp for wardrobe inspiration.Etsy, ThredUp to name a few all for one common goal; to get some inspiration.

Pinterest is probably one of the best sites to use because it expresses you. You pin and create your own boards. Again I follow a lot of fashion pages on here and lately my sense of fashion has come up.

Have fun with it.

Fashion does not have to be a competition. Some days you will want to look really put together, other days depending on your mood you may want to dress more laid-back. Depending on where you go or travel to that can help you determine what to wear.

I used to watch a television show on TLC called, "What not to Wear." I was sad when they canceled the show but I enjoyed watching it because it gave me tips on how to wear clothes.

Your height, size, weight, skin tone, hair color all of this matters when it comes to wearing clothing.

The host of the show were style experts based in New York who knew how to take plain individuals and make them look like runway models.

My best advice for you is to find your own unique style, without breaking the bank and maxing out tons of credit cards.

You can do it.

Deion Sander former NFL and baseball player has a saying that continues to stick with me,"If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

Now go to some stores, find some good deals, and be merry.

Comment what stores you like going to shop to complete your wardrobe!

Cover Image Credit: Bedroom Closet Ideas and Options

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