Catching feelings is probably the worst decision you could ever make. If you start feeling something for another person, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction immediately. Temporarily it may feel like you’re floating on air, but inevitably, it will leave you devastated and disappointed. In this harsh world, you have to be fierce, resilient and sometimes even ruthless. It’s better to play it safe and not risk putting your heart on the line because being emotionally attached to someone is overrated anyway.

1. Leave them unread
2. Don’t text with emojis. Those flirty emojis mean too much.
3. Don’t smile when they text you
4. Only contact them when you need something
5. Every time the Snapchat streak gets to three days, break it
6. Make it clear that they’re in the friend zone
7. Don’t let them meet your friends
8. Don’t let them meet your family
9. They can never make an appearance on your Instagram
10. Only give them a follow on Instagram if they follow you first
11. Don’t get jealous
12. Don’t get disappointed by them
13. Don't see them too often
14. Make them work around your schedule
15. Don’t do anything together that resembles a date (getting food, going to movies)
16. You can’t have them on your mind throughout the day
17. No labels allowed
18. If you follow all of these but still catch feelings, cut off all means of communication with them, and flee