How Music Influences Film
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How Music Influences Film

Films would not be the same without the power of music

How Music Influences Film

When music is used in films, I personally think that it is a great way to get the song and artists out there for people to listen too. For some people, this is the first time they could be hearing the song even if it is a widely popular piece of music. An example of this is in Pretty Woman they use the song titled, "Oh, Pretty Woman", by Roy Orbison. This is a classic song that most people immediately recognize when hearing it. After the hit movie titled, Pretty Woman, It definitely brought the song to even greater popularity on the charts. My mom in fact has never heard the song until seeing the movie.

This is great exposure and reason, in my opinion, to have music used in movies. Now I do agree that when songs are used in the film they become associated with the piece of art they are in, but I don't think that it is necessarily a bad thing. As I have heard many times publicity is never a bad thing. Even if it is a bad piece of film, maybe the song in it is a good part and people will be able to recognize that. Honestly for me personally I find a lot of songs that I like through movies and T.V. shows. Particularly a show that I have gotten into, that has a great setlist of songs is called, All American. It is a drama about teenagers who live in Beverly Hills while some of them live in Crenshaw It is a very dramatic show therefore, the music within it is very deep and meaningful. I think it definitely adds to the show and popularity of it. They have recognizable artist's music on there as well like Billie Eilish and Clairo which are two of my favorite artists.

I think where music possibly adds in the most effective way is to films that are meant to envoke fear particularly in horror or thriller movies. In jaws, the famous sounds bum bum bum bum before the shark attacks. You can hear this and instantly think of jaws and know the exact beats of the bum bums while you are reading this. It would just not be as terrifying without it in my opinion. And in a horror film where the dumb girl is being chased down by some scary monster creature, which is pretty much in every scary movie I have seen if it just silenced it would not be the same feeling. Even within certain notes played this can develop certain feelings like being nervous, the notes they use in horror films. Or for its counterparts when at the end of a chick flick and the couple finally gets together there are happy and euphoric sounding notes played, this is all to develop and connect your personal feelings to the piece of film. It is almost as if it is apart of our culture now to hear music within the film to better connect us to the plot. I think this is an essential part of a film that connects people who love music and movies. I encourage you to go watch your favorite movie or T.V. show and really see how they use the music in the film to enhance it, you will be surprised!

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