We sin everyday.

No matter how hard we try, we always end up doing something that offends someone or we do something wrong. I can't tell you that you can live a life "completely" without sin, but you can try. God will see you trying and he will give you grace and mercy.

1.) Do not be prideful

Do not be selfish. Don't think only of yourself. Always think of the well-being of others before you do things for yourself. I'm not saying you can't do things to make yourself happy, but if it involves others, put them before YOURSELF.

2.) Being angry is dumb, and its also a sin

It literally says in the bible that being angry makes you a fool. Instead of getting angry, take a step back and look at the situation. Think about if its even worth getting mad over.

3.) Jealousy

Envying others is when you desire anothers abilities or traits. God sees this as one of the worst sins.

4.) Sloth

Failing to use your physical and spiritual gifts. This is a huge one. God gives each of us gifts that we are suppoed to go out and use for his glory.

This is just a few, but what if we could surpass REPENTANCE? I know as Christians this is one of the biggest things we are taught, but if we just submitted ourselves to God everyday and lived a life without sin everyday, then we could surpass repentance. it is human nature though to sin, this is why we have to repent daily.