How is Trump Spending his Final Weeks of Presidency?
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How is Trump Spending his Final Weeks of Presidency?

Trump vowed to work tirelessly this holiday season. Lets see how he has been spending his final weeks in office.

How is Trump Spending his Final Weeks of Presidency?

Dec 1

The Wisconsin Lawsuit

As hundreds of thousands of Americans filed for unemployment and COVID-19 continued to spread, Donald Trump reassured all of us by filling a lawsuit in Wisconsin. The recount did not flip in Trump's favor, an outcome so outrageous and unbelievable it must be questioned again. Vaccines have still not been distributed, but it is one of the 50 lawsuits that has been filed on the baseless claim of a fraudulent election.

Dec 25.

Golfing in South Florida

On Christmas day, there was a suicide bombing in Nashville. At the time, the President was at his golf course in West Palm Beach for his Christmas Vacation. He was briefed on the attack, and thanked first responders. He played a round then returned to the comfort of his resort, where he still gave no personal comments on the event. Previously, trump has been extremely vocal on other attacks, however, he follows a pattern of being vocal on attacks that could have connections with muslims, non-citizens, or the left. The Nashville Bomber was white.

Dec 28

Golfing in South Florida

A stimulus bill is finally being pushed through the senate, something that was completely buried as Trump pursued baseless claims about a fraudulent election. He signed the bill for the $600 stimulus checks, then promptly returned to his South Florida gold course resort. Recently, Trump strongly opposed raising the $600. After a day on the course, however, he finally tweeted to raise the checks to $2000. Still he continues his Christmas vacation, and remains silent on the suicide bombing.

Dec 30

Hate tweets for Kemp

Trump threatens governor Brian Kemp to resign on twitter. His outrage stems from Kemp's refusal to agree with trump's claims of a fraudulent election. "He is an obstructionist who refuses to admit that we won Georgia, BIG!"

Dec 30

Words of Encouragement from Twitter

Trump's Christmas vacation, far from jobless and dying Americans has finally come to a close. He tweets once again.

"The Federal Government has distributed the vaccines to the states. Now it is up to the states to administer. Get moving!"

Trump's final weeks of presidency just continue his trend of being detached from the white house and indifferent to the American people.

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