Here's Why You Should Never Give Up The Job Search in 2017

Here's Why You Should Never Give Up The Job Search in 2017

The millennial world today.

So, here it goes. The same old story. You know, the one that comes with each rejection email after applying for every job imaginable. Even jobs that have no relation to your dreams or your experience. At this point, you have applied to every entry level position; I'm talking about the administrative position at the front desk of a gym, down to Mr. Peter's Pizza Place located down the street. Even they rejected you!

Oh, but let's not forget those messages from those sketchy job sites/cold callers that have "personally" reached out to you! How is it that my Editorial background stood out to you for the role of "Financial Advisor" that you are looking to fill? How many names did you click to send this stupid message to, HM?

You know something, those messages almost made my stomach drop in excitement because for a split second, I thought somebody finally noticed my skill-set. After one hundred job applications and cover letters sent out in the past month, you'd think somebody would respond, but nope. Not in 2017.

Being a professional in 2017 doesn't mean taking the advice from that really great "Find Your Dream Career" magazine. Nor does it mean wording your email in a specific way to aesthetically appeal to the recruiter behind the computer screen. In 2017, being a professional means being born into a family that has tons of connections. It means knowing the right people and being talented to fit the role those people need. Honestly, I hate to sound cynical, but this is what I've learned through my job search (and no, I have not found anything worth while yet, incase you're wondering).

However, please don't misconstrue my negativity for hopelessness. I'm getting there, I promise.

Now that you've heard the truth about acquiring a professional career in this year of 2017, I will let you in on the secret to staying afloat and not giving up. I especially will fill you in on how not to give a F***K about recruiters, saying the right thing at the right time, and molding yourself into a cooker cutter tray that you were not meant to fit into. You, my darling, were born to stand out and let me tell you, just as the right relationship will find you if it hasn't already, the right job will come knocking at YOUR door.

Don't get down on yourself. No job will hire you in 2017 without experience. In order to get experience you need experience. Well recruiters, I'm sorry. That's not what I think. I think that students study in school to attain their degree, and once they receive it, their EDUCATION qualifies them for the position. What would you have liked us to do? Have a professional career while studying? I'm sorry, but most of the time, it doesn't happen like that. Especially if you are not a billionaire or born into a networking pool of successors.

The best advice I can give is this: 2017 is the year where your work ethic plays a vital role in whether or not you attain success. Whether or not you are successful relies solely on this fact, I promise you. The naysayers are the ones who, probably, gave up and settled for the first thing that came their way.

Although I am not saying that beggars can necessarily be choosers, I am saying that each and every one of us are way more in control than we think we are. However, this year of 2017 makes becoming a professional that much harder. Does this mean you back away from the challenge? I don't know. I don't know you or your personality, but I do know that the millennials who NEVER give up will get what they want, eventually. The world today is all about the hustle and let me tell you, if you want it, you'll hustle. There is no specific time it should come, it just will. Especially if you never (and I do mean NEVER) give up.

No matter how good your resume is, it's about how hard you work and how good the work you produce, is. It's about being at the right place at the right time and throwing your line into the depths of the large, corporate ocean and increasing your chances of a bite.

Take risks, reach out to people (don't expect a response, either) and put yourself out there. Trust me, you don't look stupid or desperate. Well, maybe you do look desperate in some instances and hey, that's fine! NEWSFLASH! You are desperate and they know that.

So, if you can't beat them, join them. Give in to your desperation, but never settle for less than what you deserve.

All in all, keep your head up, my fellow millennials who are entering the professional realm for the very first time. Your voice will be heard and I promise you, you will find your place in this crazy world.

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10 Things Someone Who Grew Up In A Private School Knows

The 10 things that every private school-goer knows all too well.


1. Uniforms

Plaid. The one thing that every private school-goer knows all too well. It was made into jumpers, skirts, shorts, scouts, hair ties, basically anything you could imagine, the school plaid was made into. You had many different options on what to wear on a normal day, but you always dreaded dress uniform day because of skirts and ballet flats. But it made waking up late for school a whole lot easier.

2. New people were a big deal

New people weren't a big thing. Maybe one or two a year to a grade, but after freshman year no one new really showed up, making the new kid a big deal.

3. You've been to school with most of your class since Kindergarten

Most of your graduating class has been together since Kindergarten, maybe even preschool, if your school has it. They've become part of your family, and you can honestly say you've grown up with your best friends.

4. You've had the same teachers over and over

Having the same teacher two or three years in a row isn't a real surprise. They know what you are capable of and push you to do your best.

5. Everyone knows everybody. Especially everyone's business.

Your graduating class doesn't exceed 150. You know everyone in your grade and most likely everyone in the high school. Because of this, gossip spreads like wildfire. So everyone knows what's going on 10 minutes after it happens.

6. Your hair color was a big deal

If it's not a natural hair color, then forget about it. No dyeing your hair hot pink or blue or you could expect a phone call to your parents saying you have to get rid of it ASAP.

7. Your school isn't like "Gossip Girl"

There is no eating off campus for lunch or casually using your cell phone in class. Teachers are more strict and you can't skip class or just walk right off of campus.

8. Sports are a big deal

Your school is the best of the best at most sports. The teams normally go to the state championships. The rest of the school that doesn't play sports attends the games to cheer on the teams.

9. Boys had to be clean-shaven, and hair had to be cut

If you came to school and your hair was not cut or your beard was not shaved, you were written up and made to go in the bathroom and shave or have the head of discipline cut your hair. Basically, if you know you're getting written up for hair, it's best just to check out and go get a hair cut.

10. Free dress days were like a fashion show

Wearing a school uniform every day can really drive you mad. That free dress day once a month is what you lived for. It was basically a fashion show for everyone, except for those upperclassmen who were over everything and just wore sweat pants.

Cover Image Credit: Authors Photos

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Bernie Sanders Is Running For President In 2020 And Dems Just Handed The GOP The Election, Again

Being a rich white male won't get you far in the Democratic party nowadays


After months of speculation, Bernie Sanders has officially announced he is running for President again in 2020. After losing to Hilary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary, Senator Sanders is now the twelfth candidate to run for the 2020 Democratic nomination along the likes of: Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, former W. Va. state Sen. Richard Ojeda, former Rep. John Delaney, author Marianne Williamson and former tech executive Andrew Yang.

While many are excited to see Senator Sanders back for another round, realistically the man has no shot at the nomination in 2020.

In 2016, he was the only candidate with extreme leftist views as he proudly proclaimed himself to be a "democratic socialist". His anti-establishment views, Medicare for all mindset, $15 minimum wage, and tuition-free colleges ideas made him well known in both the Democratic and Republican parties. At the time, Democrats were hesitant to back these socialist views of Senator Sanders in fear of being too extreme by party supporters. This is part of the reason why Hilary Clinton won the Democratic nomination because in comparison to Senator Sanders, her views were seen as less extreme and coming from a woman was a huge plus as well.

Cut to 2019 in America, the socialist ideas that Senator Sanders preached about in 2016 are now alive and thriving rapidly. The only bad thing for Senator Sanders is now he is not seen as the ideal candidate to further these ideas. Recently, a new wave of Democrats in the House of Representatives have tried to counteract President Trump's agenda with a lot of socialist backed ideas. These new socialist ideas have gained a lot of media attention due to the now-famous representatives who have backed them. Representatives Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have both been very popular in the media and sadly with American citizens even though they are well-known socialists. Due to their popularity, it is quite clear that people are okay with candidates who are women and minorities to run with socialist ideas openly but now not so much with men.

This is why Senator Sanders does not stand a chance for even the Democratic nomination anymore because:

1. he's a man

2. he's white.

This is where it gets fun.

For the longest time, Democrats have proclaimed they are the party that does not discriminate against race, status, or gender but yet that's exactly what they will do when it comes time to select a candidate to be the Democratic nomination. Since Senator Sanders is a white man that is worth an estimated $2 million dollars, he won't get the nomination.

If they put forward a rich white male, it will contradict everything their party now stands for and everything they have said against President Trump for the entirety of his presidency for the exact same reasoning. Another reason why Senator Sanders will not get the nomination is the Democratic party has to win over swing voters and Senator Sanders views are too extreme to win over people who are not necessarily Democrats but voted for President Trump in 2016. The Democratic Party needs to find someone who will not appear too extreme to voters but with the candidates announced so far for the Democratic nomination, good luck with that.

Senator Sanders missed his one and only shot for a nomination in 2016. Democrats will not put forward a rich, white, male and that is guaranteed at least for the 2020 election. It is fair to say the Democratic nomination in 2020 will more than likely be a female, a female of a minority, or a male of a minority.

Despite everything that is said in the news, President Trump still has a strong chance of winning a second term. The GOP proved they are strategic and there is no chance they will not go down without giving it there all. With the rise in socialism becoming acceptable in America, there is no doubt conservatives will fight this effort once again during the 2020 election. President Trump has recently been making some bold decisions that have not only paid off for America but have also paid off in his polling. After his State of The Union Address, polls showed President Trump's public approval got a large boost and pushed him over the 50% marker.

Like it or not, President Trump has a real shot at winning but Senator Sanders does not.

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