I have come across a countless number of people who tell me that I’m so brave, yet crazy, because I always post my weight loss transformation pictures on social media. I understand this isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t feel comfortable. Some people think that others will get annoyed with it. But for me, I don’t look at it like that at all. Facebook has greatly impacted my weight loss journey.

The countless number of comments I get on my transformation pictures gives me so much motivation and hope. It is hard to continue doing something if people do not recognize a change. I want people to tell me that I look good, or that my hard work is paying off. It means so much to me when people comment on my pictures and tell me these things. Although it may seem a bit conceited and selfish, it really helps me to fuel the fire.

There are some days when I feel like a failure, where I’ve eaten way too much and think that I am going to hate myself when I get on the scale the next day. On these days, I really start to question everything and wonder if what I’m doing is paying off. But with the likes and comments on Facebook, I know that what I am doing IS actually paying off. There has actually been times where I’d go back to an old post and just read through the comments for motivation.

I think that weight has become such a touchy topic in today’s society that people are really hesitant to make comments like “Wow you look so good!” in person out of fear of that person’s reaction. Even someone who has lost a ton of weight and does look “so good” may still feel insecure about their weight and become embarrassed about the topic being brought up. Facebook is another way to reassure myself that I am doing well and that I noticeably look different. This is what keeps me going through the hard times.

Not only does it reassure me, but it also keeps me accountable. I know this seems bizarre, but for me, it's kind of like I have all these friends on Facebook who are watching my journey and rooting for me. Accountability is a huge aspect when it comes to losing weight, and Facebook has provided me with it.

So thank you, Facebook. Thank you to everyone who has shown me love and encouraged me through my countless transformation pictures. It may not seem huge, but those comments and likes mean the world to me. Thank you for noticing that my hard work is paying off. Thank you for all those comments like “Wow, you are doing so well” and “I’m proud of you.” Thank you for going out of your way to reassure me that I am on the path to a healthier life. Thank you for keeping me going.