I am on a never ending journey. My journey right now is weight loss. But one day I will reach the point where I will be focused on maintaining a weight rather than specifically trying to lose weight. When I get to the point where I reach my weight loss goal, the eating healthy and working out aspects of my life will still have to be consistent, even though I will not be trying to lose weight anymore. Right now, I am working to make a lifestyle change. I am not on a diet.

This is something that my mom has always preached to. She would always tell me (and still tells me) that I can’t be on a diet now, then go back to eating how I was before the diet once I lose my intended weight. That is not how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She would preach to me constantly that a diet restricts foods that I am able to have. A lifestyle change allows me to eat whatever I want, but in moderation.

I have had several different people see me eat something that is unhealthy and make comments to me that I shouldn’t be eating that because I am on a diet. Although I know that these people are only doing this because they care about me and want whats best for me, this really frustrates me. I can literally eat whatever I want.

You see, I have lost over 25 pounds in two months, so I am obviously doing something right. I eat a dove chocolate every day. I have eaten out probably about once every two weeks. I've gone to Taco Bell, I've gone to Pizza Hut and I even work at a fast food restaurant. To limit myself from eating fatty foods would make my body crave them that much more. If I went two months without eating chicken nuggets, I honestly think I would go insane. I would have not lost this much weight, and I probably still wouldn’t be on track like I still am.

I am on a lifestyle change. This means that I am making better food choices. I have added fruits and veggies. But I have never restricted myself on what I can and can't eat. If I want chicken nuggets, I will eat them. But instead of eating 10 at a time, like I used to, now I only eat the serving size, which is only four, and I will eat it with vegetables. If I want to go out to dinner with my family, I will eat less calories throughout the day so I have more to spare at dinner. And if I want a big chicken fried steak at dinner, I will get it, but only eat half.

People can obviously lose weight on a diet of completely eliminating fatty foods, but more often than not, people gain all of their weight back and more. This is what I am trying to avoid. By changing my eating habits, I am setting myself up for a healthy life, while still allowing myself to eat good food throughout the process.