It Was My Dad Who Showed Me How To Be Strong

It Was My Dad Who Showed Me How To Be Strong

How my viewpoint of being "strong" changed.

My dad has always been my best friend, even when I was little. Now the school has never been my strong suit, especially when you have every single learning disability that exists on the planet, it's definitely harder. What I did not know was that my dad was the exact same way when he was growing up.

For years my dad would encourage me to keep trying even when I wanted to give up. I remember one time my dad was in charge of me getting my permit. Now the permit test in Georgia might be the hardest test you will ever have to take, seriously. You actually have to study and I don't mean just skim through and say a few keywords and tell your self you can pass, cause you won't. Now I'm not embarrassed to tell you that I failed the permit test THREE times, but every time I failed my dad knew how to make me feel better.

Whether it was driving me to get Chick-fil-A or blaring Old rock music and pretending to know the words, it always worked. A few years ago my dad became quite ill, which made him physically weak and spending long days and nights for months in the hospital. What most people don't understand is that when this was going on, this showed me how strong he is and how strong I can be.

Being ill and having to change your whole lifestyle in a year is extremely hard, and most people would just give up and call it a day. Yet, my dad never gave up, I could tell he was hurting and wanted to be able to play golf with his buddies or even just drive two minutes to Publix.

So, my dad and I changed roles, I became him and he became me.

What I mean is that I kept encouraging him to keep going on, even on the worst days in the hospital. When my dad was able to come home for good, was the day that I knew my dad was the strongest person. Even today, my dad has so many struggles yet he never gives up. My dad showed me how to be strong. To never give up on something you want, or know you need to do. To make hard decisions into a fun game, or to talk it out. My dad is my role model for one simple reason: he is strong.

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To The Grandmothers Who Made Us The Women We Are Today

Sincerely, the loving granddaughters.

The relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter is something so uniquely special and something to be treasured forever.

Your grandma loves you like you are her own daughter and adores you no matter what. She is the first person you run to when you have a problem with your parents and she never fails to grace you with the most comforting advice.

She may be guilty of spoiling you rotten but still makes sure to stress the importance of being thankful and kind.

Your grandma has most likely lived through every obstacle that you are experiencing now as a young adult and always knows just exactly what to say.

She grew up in another generation where things were probably much harder for young women than they are today.

She is a walking example of perseverance, strength, and grace who you aim to be like someday.

Your grandma teaches you the lessons she had to learn the hard way because she does not want you to make the same mistakes she did when she was growing up.

Her hugs never fail to warm your heart, her smile never fails to make you smile, and her laugh never fails to brighten your day.

She inspires you to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

You only hope that one day you can be the mother and grandmother she was to you.

A piece of girl’s heart will forever belong to her grandma that no one could ever replace.

She is the matriarch of your family and is the glue that holds you all together.

Grandmothers play such an important role in helping their granddaughters to grow into strong, intelligent, kind women.

She teaches you how to love and how to forgive.

Without the unconditional love of your grandma, you would not be the woman you are today.

To all of the grandmothers out there, thank you for being you.


the loving granddaughters

Cover Image Credit: Carlie Konuch

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To The Ones Who Are Always There, Thank You And I Love You

Sure, we may not always get along or see eye-to-eye, but at the end of the day, I know they only want whats best for me.


In your life, you go through the phases of friend groups, best friends, and boyfriends — yet we feel lonely at times too. But there are two people who have been there for us since day one and I know always will be, our parents.

Sure we may not always get along or see eye-to-eye but at the end of the day, I know they only want what's best for me. My parents are some of the strongest and most independent people I know, they have taught me things separately and together. And without them, I wouldn't be the strong independent person I am today.

My mom has always been my best friend, someone I can turn to in times of happiness and sorrow. And she always has some of the best advice. She's taught me patience and to treat everyone with kindness.

A mom can be your best friend and your enemy, but they always want what's best. Even if they don't always see your side of the story, sometimes they are the unbiased opinion you need.

A mom can be there when your crying at 2 a.m. over a boy, but also be the one to sit you down and tell you that you are the dummy for getting back together with him. They are the person who will hype you up with the girl in your fifth period does nothing but tear you down. She's there with the best advice in the worst times.

My dad has always been my motivation, the one who knows my full potential even when I don't. He pushes me to be the best me I can be. Even when I think I'm already there, he pushes me harder and shows me everything I am capable of.

A dad can be your coach, your leader, and your teammate.

They can push you past your limits sometimes, but they always just want you to do everything you are capable of. A dad can be someone who has the most wisdom even when you think you are the smartest person in the room. They can grind your gears with the sarcastic comments and the way they always prove you wrong. But no matter what, they teach us life lessons on a daily basis.

There are the small things, and big things, that our parents do that make us who we are today, so go to your parents and give them the biggest hug you can. Tell them thank you and I love you.

Because they are the ones who are always there.

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