Chick-fil-A Employees Will Never Tell You These Secrets
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If you're familiar with the phrase “Eat Mor Chikin," chances are you have been to Chick-fil-A.

CFA is home to one of the most legendary chicken sandwiches (I don't care what Popeyes says), nuggets, strips and salads, and even more incredible employees. Anyone who steps foot inside knows that CFA is a friendly, welcoming, and warm place, all thanks to those who dedicate their lives to serving the most delicious menu item in quick service history.

We may say “my pleasure" a lot, but these are 13 secrets a Chick-fil-A employee will never tell you.

1. The secret is in the sauce

I mean, yeah, the food served at Chick-fil-A is top-notch quality, but the secret really is in the sauce. If you don't believe me, try putting Chick-fil-A sauce or Honey Roasted Barbeque on the next thing that goes in your mouth. Trust me, it tastes great on just about everything and can turn a blah sandwich into the greatest thing you've ever eaten.

2. There's no such thing as a 'secret menu'

Or is there? No not really. Although menu items can vary from location to location. Just because there isn't a secret menu, does not mean that the food cannot be 100 percent customized to your liking…


3. You can order a filet by itself

That's right! One chicken, no bun coming right up. You can create your very own “secret menu" item by ordering an extra filet and stacking it on top of your number one for a double chicken sandwich! Are you up for the challenge?

4. The lemonade really is hand-squeezed

The best arm workout in the universe is squeezing lemons, just ask any Chick-fil-A employee. Ever wonder why lemonade is the most expensive drink on the menu? Manual labor, that's why.

5. Cow Appreciation Day is mandatory

Basically, Cow Appreciation Day is CFA's equivalent of Black Friday! Many tears will be shed, all in the name of a chicken sandwich.


6. Someone's job is to be the cow

Need a quick way to lose five pounds in six hours? Dance around in the cow suit!

7. Saying “you're welcome" is strictly forbidden

It is rumored that we won't get paid if we don't say “my pleasure." The more you know!

8. Polynesian sauce explodes

There is nothing worse than grabbing a few extra packets of your favorite condiment and having it splatter over all your worldly possessions. Not to mention, clean-up is a nightmare!

9. If your order a milkshake after 9:45 p.m., we probably hate you.

Each and every former or current CFA employee can and will attest to this statement.


10. Politeness is our policy

Don't be afraid to ask us for a “refresh" on your beverage and don't be reluctant when we offer to clear your table for you, it's in our job description, I swear.

11. You can order lunch items during breakfast hours

But you will have to wait for your food to be prepared and ain't nobody got time for that.

12. Circus Burger is our ultimate rival

Ask a CFA employee about their training videos and they will gladly fill you in on all the gory details.

13. You don't need six sauces for an eight count nugget


We get it, the sauce is good. We can't charge you for extras, but we're on to you.

We didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich, and we have a few secrets up our sleeves. We know how to turn a delicious meal into something even more exciting, while providing guests with a heck of an experience! Next time you're in the mood to “Eat Mor Chikin," stop by and see us. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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