Let’s get right to the point: Mondays suck. Unless you’re waking up Monday morning to go on vacation, you’re most likely waking up to go to work, class, or any other obligation you’ve made that you really don’t want to commit to. Waking up before 8:00 am on a Monday is physically painful. I’m convinced that my body is actually super glued to my bed in the morning. After having a fun weekend, the last thing you want to do is drag yourself out of bed, and deal with problems that Monday has to offer.

If you think your Monday was going bad, just wait until you hear how a Monday of mine went:

I sent my alarm for 7:00 am, and snoozed it until 7:50 am, leaving myself ten minutes to get ready for work. I scurried around to find that my work shirt is, in fact, dirty, and the yogurt I wanted to eat for breakfast went bad. Not only was it already 85 degrees at 8:00 am but I had NO water to drink. Looks like I was going to be dehydrated all day! By the time I was done brushing my teeth, and washing my face I was ready to go to work. OH WAIT - I couldn’t find my car keys. When I finally do find my car keys, I end up get a speeding ticket on my way to work. It was like the universe was telling me I was going to have a bad day and it wasn’t even 9:00 am yet. Finally, I make it to work - late and with a very strange hair-do - but for crying out loud I made it. Doesn’t that count for something?! I think so.

As I sat in the chair at work, all I wanted was for it to be 5:00 pm already. I desperately wanted to crawl into bed and sleep there forever. But, then I thought to myself - “I don’t have to have a horrible Monday.” Yes, my Monday morning definitely did not start off great but that doesn’t mean it has to end horribly too. There is ALWAYS a way to fight off the Monday blues. After all being happy is a choice, even if it is Monday.

I recently learned it actually is possible to conquer a Monday, no matter how lousy yours might seem to be going. Even if you woke up late for work, spilled your coffee, had nothing to eat for lunch, and dealt with annoying customers all day. It is still possible to have a kick-ass Monday! Not only is it possible, but it’s important. Your Monday reflects how the rest of your week is going to pan out. If your Monday is bad, your Tuesday will probably be bad, along with your Wednesday. Before you know it your weekend is wished away and It’s almost time to battle with the Monday blues again. Always have a happy, healthy, and humorous Monday. The three H’S are important to keep in mind, and here’s how you can bring them to life with only a minimal amount of planning!

Drink Coffee.

I know some people don’t like coffee, but drink it anyway! It really is capable of turning a day around. Coffee is a gift from god for college students. Coffee is there for you when you can’t get up out the morning, it’s there for you when you are falling asleep on your desk, and it’s a great excuse to leave the office for a few minutes to walk to Starbucks. If you’re basic like me, you’ll love to drink iced coffee when the exciting seasonal flavors come out (you can judge me if you want). It makes drinking coffee fun! So grab a cup on your way to work on Monday.

Eat Healthy.

It’s so much easier to grab a bagel, or a McDonald’s McMuffin on the way to work, rather than putting in the time and effort to make an omelet. But, start putting in the effort. You will feel so much better Monday morning if you’re eating good, instead of eating fast food. Pack a healthy lunch, and take your lunch break somewhere with a scenic view. Sometimes all you need is a change of the environment to make your Monday morning amazing.

Have Something To Look Forward To.

Monday’s go by faster when you have something to look forward to. Maybe it’s happy hour with your friends, or going to a yoga class, and really being able to enjoy your alone time. If you have something to look forward to on Monday, then you have no reason to be sad. How could you when you have such an exciting day planned once work is finished?

Enjoy Group Chats.

I feel like today, SO many people complain about being in group chats. But, mine makes my Monday awesome. Between my friends sending hilarious memes, or just making jokes, in general, it’s impossible to not laugh on my Monday morning. It’s actually bad how many times a day I’m glued to my phone, dying of laughter because my friends will not stop sending things in the group chat. When it’s Monday, laughter is needed - so thank god for them.

Be Happy.

This is the golden rule. I know I say this a lot, but happiness is a choice. You can choose to pout on your Monday morning, or you can choose to overcome it. You can either cry about your shirt with a coffee stain on it, or be blessed that you even have enough money to buy a shirt. When life gives you lemons, you can either make lemonade, or just sit there awkwardly with the lemons in your lap. I think you know which one sounds better.

So, go have yourself a kick-ass Monday!