We constantly hear and read that in order to keep to their girl forever, guys have to keep trying and treating her like the first time they met. But, obviously, it isn't just the guys' responsibility to keep the relationship healthy and long-lasting. Both people have to put in the effort. As time goes on and you stay longer with someone, you no longer find the need to talk 24/7 or to flirt around as much. You get used to each other in your lives. While that is a good sign, sometimes, it causes the communication level is decrease and boredom in the relationship to arise. Here are a few tips to keep your long-last relationship forever:

1. Flirting with your significant other even after months or years of dating is absolutely OK

When you start off your relationship or a little even before that, it is so natural to flirt around. You gas up the other person on the smallest things, say corny compliments, and everyone is feeling as warm and loved. As time goes by, it's natural for the flirting to calm down, especially after the honeymoon phase. But a little flirting here and there is healthy for your relationship no matter for many years you have been dating. It makes your love feel young and new.

2. Communication is always the KEY

Communication is very important in every relationship, from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. When you start dating, everyone updates their significant other every second. You both are so interested in each other lives and you also try to spend every minute you can together.

Obviously, as time goes on, you don't need to spend so much time together. You learn about each other's daily routines and understand their habits. Hence, you start to assume the other person knows what you are doing and don't feel the need to tell them. You expect them to understand your feelings through your actions and silence. But that isn't very healthy. You have to communicate everything and update your partner. It makes them feel like you want them to be a part of your life.

3. Keep learning about each other

Every day you learn something new and you grow. Different situations arise and you have to make decisions you have never even thought about before. These situations change who you are and how you feel and think. Over time, you mature and think more realistically and practically. And, it is your responsibility to keep your partner updated and to ask your partner too. One common thing for couples to do when they first start dating is to play the question game. It's a simple way to get to know each other. You can still play that game even months after dating. You will learn new things about your significant other every time. Also, the longer you have been dating, the better you know each other, Hence, you can even ask very specific questions then.

Everyone wants and deserves a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes the two people love each other but just seem to eventually lack that connect. There are so many small things you can do to make sure your connection stays with that person you love.