Imagine you're in your room on Sunday night and then BOOM you hear that one of the biggest frats on your campus is .... SUSPENDED !! What led to this suspension?

Was it just this frat? Was through nationals or just this chapter on this school?

Let's back track here and start where it all began.

Kappa Sigma is the largest college social fraternity in the world with more than 200,000 living members, including over 20,000 undergraduates and 320 chapters and colonies located throughout the United States and Canada. Fraternities at my college are sort of a big thing. Actually they're a really big thing. These guys hold the campus together. They have the parties, so if you wanna get into them, you gotta get with them.

This particular fraternity on my campus was known as a "party frat". They were brand-spanking new! Just got charted in 2016 and already had 4 houses off campus. The brothers of Kappa Sigma were loved by all ... or so they thought.

You may call her Sarah (names have been changed obviously). Born and raised in an urban city she never really experienced racism firsthand because everyone around her looked like her. Brown people just tryna make it in the world. So you can imagine her culture shock when she got to college (A PWI MAY I ADD) and noticed the subtle racist acts appear on campus.

Though she never said anything it always got under her skin and also under many of her friends who experienced the same things on campus. Obviously the were black or Hispanic because her white friends had never dealt with things like that. The stares, and the snickers and the pointing at a party because you look like how you are.

Still almost every weekend if she could she got in an uber with her friends who were white and they went to the Frat parties here & there and everywhere and she always tried to have a good time but sometimes it just wasn't for her. Again the subtle racist acts would pop up but her white friends never seemed to notice it. Too busy dancing and singing and enjoying life. She decides that she will no longer go to parties where she feels uncomfortable no matter how bored she'll be. Especially not a house that has a Trump flag, their Frat's flag & a #BlueLivesMatter flag in the living room hanging proudly.

Then came the day that would start a chain of events unforeseen on the campus.

SYLLABUS WEEK ARRIVED: Eager to start the year off right many parties occur during syllabus week or as some refer to it "sylly week" (stupid name ikr!). Of course Kappa Sigma decides to throw a party. They throw down on Tuesday. of course Sarah goes! The first party of the semester and she'll be with all her friends. Her black friends and her white friends and they always have a great time when they're together.

The frat has some of the house jumping. Sarah and her black friends feel uncomfortable with the white people saying "nigga" so comfortably in "Dreams & Nightmares" by Meek Mill. They stay probably an extra 25 minutes after that and head on back to campus. Sarah on the other hand came with her white friends so that's her ride back so she has to wait a little while longer.

Wednesday comes and her black friends spill ALL THE TEA!! (if you don't know that means then I feel bad for you). While at the party the other night an object was thrown at them they ASSUME it was thrown by 2 brothers of Kappa Sigma. It was a black purge mask. They thought nothing of it until they looked at the brothers who were smiling and pointing at them. Sarah's friends felt like they were corroborating to do something again so everyone left. The kicker in all this? One of the boys was black. It's crazy how you can look black but won't identify as it. YOU ARE BLACK !! No matter how much vineyard vines you wear or how many white girls you hook up with, you are a BLACK MALE LIVING IN AMERICA.

This struck something in Sarah, and she told herself that if anything like this cam up again she'd do something about it.


Saturday January 27,2018 the brothers of Kappa Sigma threw another party. But this time ... it was a little different and this time Sarah did something about it.

She decided that in 2018 she was no longer going to let these people whether they were WHITE OR BLACK OR MIXED OR STUCK DEEP IN THE SUNKEN PLACE think they could just get away with that !! one of my family members calls it 'House Nigga Syndrome". Back in the slave times if a slave was lighter than the others than he was thought to be better than others. It's basically color-ism and it's still going on today. That's what makes this even more disgusting! that it was a black person who told the black girls that they had to pay $35 to go into a hot, tight, little and cramped basement with THRASH MUSIC !! Mind you they were charging minorities all night but the Hispanic girls had to pay only $20.

Within 20 hours of her Facebook status the fraternity was suspended and within 24 hours the black boy stuck in the sunken place was kicked out of his frat. Don't ever think your voice does not matter. as long as you have a voice and know what you want to say then people will hear you. We as Black Women are some of the most beautidul hand-crafted creatures on God's green Earth.

... Sarah is ME !