They say high school is the best time of your life

As a freshman in high school I didn’t really do much, well I didn’t really do anything, honestly. I made three friends and said to myself “That’s enough.” I did the bare minimum. I would go to school and do what I had to do to get by. School at that point really didn’t mean anything to me, even though in the back of my mind I was dead set on going to the London College of Fashion.

So freshman year flies by just like everyone said it would. Eventually, I made a lot more friends and was very content with my life. The dream of London was still very much alive. But one day, as I’m sitting in the cafeteria with my friends, one starts talking about student athletic training. I asked her what it was and she explained. You pick a sport and work with them over the course of the season learning about injuries and helping out the Athletic Trainer and helping out the team.

I had decided that I wanted to be the trainer for the baseball team because the guys are gorgeous. I mean why wouldn’t you pick your sport based on hot guys? Spring season rolls around and baseball is in full swing. I’m in charge of the hit chart and wrapping wrists and keeping the med kit stocked with stretch tape and pre-wrap.

I’m loving training and I’m loving the team, making more friends and actually doing something after school instead of just sitting at home watching Netflix. Learning why you wrap a wrist this way instead of that, all the different uses for an ultrasound machine, just overall having fun.

Learning more and more about the career choice of being an Athletic Trainer, it’s starting to appeal more and more to me as the season goes on. By the end of the season, London is no longer the dream. The dream is Athletic Training.

I’m now a senior, not only the trainer for baseball but wrestling, too. I dove more in depth into my future career, I’m taking medical terminology and anatomy; classes I never imagined I would take. I have found the thing I love to do and want to learn more and more about. Athletic Training has turned me from someone who was always home doing nothing, to someone who has made tons of friends and someone who is always at school for sports.