Normally there are three types of people: the planner, the impulsive one, and the "go-with-the-flow" one. People normally stay in the same category their whole life. It comes down to personality type and how much thought one cares to put into a decision.

I am no doubt a planner. I like to plan my month looking ahead to see what school assignments are due, what meetings I have, and where I get free time. I feel like my life is most efficient that way. However, life is life and it throws so many curveballs our way, that we can't plan for every single one.

If you are a planner like me then you have two choices. You can either stress about things not going your way or be flexible and adjust. The latter makes for a much smoother life. Once I realized that not every detail of every day has to be planned out and to be flexible enough to change a few things around, I found myself much happier and easy going.

This opened a new door for me to see the beauty in spontaneity. I could plan out my day as more of an outline of intentionality with what I was going to get done rather than a strict schedule. This allowed me to have more time for friends because -let's be honest- we all have friends who don't plan a thing in their life and decide to leave for the bar five minutes before Happy Hour, leaving planners feeling like they can't participate.

Instead of seeing it as not in your plans for the day, look at it as an opportunity to hang out with your girls because you need a break. This type of mixture between being spontaneous and planning everything is such an amazing thing! You give yourself a plan for the day and leave room for fun things that come up last minute.