I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that relationships seem to not be as popular in today’s world. There are more hook-ups, one night stands, and “just talking" stages than actual relationships. There are plenty of college parties the guys will get interest in the girls and will forget who they are the next morning. The girl has no idea she just gave herself away to a complete stranger, and she’ll probably regret if she even remembers. This is not the culture I wish to be a part of.

Maybe I was born in the wrong generation, but I’m the one that believes the man should walk up to the woman, and ask her on a date. He goes to the door, introduces himself to her parents, and opens the car door for her. He compliments her, with the most respectful words. He’s the true gentleman that introduces her to his parents, not the bedroom. He pursues her, fights for her, and wishes nothing but the best for her.

The difference between the two types of men is that one treats the woman like an object, and the other treats her like a person. Being a hopeless romantic means you actually know this difference. It’s not always easy to figure out though. You have to rely on chick-flicks and love songs to give you examples of what not to look for in a relationship. Some of the lyrics of today’s love songs are so disrespectful to both men and women, while others can swoon you with how beautiful they are.

The movies are just as bad. There’s always “that scene” where everyone got their idea of “Netflix and Chill” from. It’s really confusing to know what the right ways to look at love are. Remember that even though your heart sometimes may get broken, it is just a detour on your road to finding what you deserve. You have to dream of the love you are waiting for one day without having the temptation to settle. The longer you wait, the harder it is.

Being a hopeless romantic can mean many things. Maybe you spend more time listening to sappy love songs and dreaming of someone special actually singing the lyrics to you. Maybe you cringe seeing another girl cry over a guy who doesn’t know how he even hurt her. Maybe it upsets you when your friends settle on someone you know isn't good for them, and they try to tell you to do the same.

All of these scenarios can sometimes put a dent in our hearts. It’s tough seeing our generation throw real love down the drain. It makes us hopeless romantics feel as if we aren’t doing this whole “relationship thing” right, but actually, we are the ones that know what real love is, it just takes a while for us to get a love that is worth waiting for. We have to bring the stereotype back of the man having complete respect for the woman. As long as we keep our promises to not settle for anything less, we might actually show the world there’s a better way to love than what we are shown.