Celebrate Your Girlfriends Everyday, Not Just Tomorrow
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Celebrate Your Girlfriends Everyday, Not Just Tomorrow

Tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day. How will you be celebrating? Here's some advice coming from a hopeless romantic...

Celebrate Your Girlfriends Everyday, Not Just Tomorrow

So tomorrow is National Girlfriends Day. How will you celebrate? Take her on a nice date? Participate in an activity she loves? Give her the whole day to decide what she wants to do with you? There are numerous things you can do for your lovely lady, but it all really depends on the girl. However, me being a hopeless romantic, here are my thoughts:

Gifts are always fun, and so are dates. If she's not the most picky girl, then maybe tomorrow will be easy for you. Most of the time, she just wants to spend quality time with you. In my opinion, quality time is probably the best thing you can do for your relationship. People have busy lives and everyone has their own responsibilities, but nothing is more precious than seeing someone devote time for you that they could've used to do anything else. So, if you guys have any particular hobbies or literally anything you both enjoy doing together, you should definitely do that tomorrow. It is also a weekday tomorrow, so maybe even just staying in and watching movies, playing card games, drawing/painting, or even cooking dinner together would be great.

Also, the most important thing to consider about tomorrow is to avoid being on your phone. Have you ever hung out with someone who didn't look at their phone the whole time and gave you their full attention? It's so simple, but also difficult to find nowadays. This is something I cherish. It reminds me of some old 90's romance movie, where the couple is so into each other that they don't notice anyone else.

Lastly, one thing that I also think a lot of girls appreciate is hand written letters. I am a sucker for hand written letters. Being in the 21st century when someone can just send you a novel through text is surely much easier, but a hand written letter shows that you care and really took your time. First of all, hand writing anything is a task in itself. Hand cramps are killer and not easy to get rid of, so when she sees that you wrote a lengthy letter, it lets her know that you really put in the work. Second, she can keep the letter forever. If you guys are ever traveling separately, or just not physically together for whatever reason, she'll probably pull out the letter and read it just because she misses you. Third, letters are much better than flowers or any gift that can depreciate or die. If your girl is a hopeless romantic, take my advice and write her a letter. I promise you she won't forget it, and she may even happy cry once you give it to her.

Now, Girlfriends Day can apply to any romantic or friendship relationship. I would love to do these same exact things with my girlfriends, so these tips are interchangeable. Enjoy tomorrow and good luck!

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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