I did not vote for Donald Trump this election. Because of his crude words, his mocking of the disabled, his promise to build walls, 90% of his policy and the fact that he is a reality TV star and a businessman and not a politician, I begrudgingly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. In 2016, I would not and did not select Mr. Trump's name on the ballot.

As of now, Donald Trump stands for thousands of things I don't believe in. As of now, I think Donald Trump's presidency will only benefit those who need no more benefits. I believe his stances, his beliefs, and his policies will divide us. I do not believe he stands for equality. Donald Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting women and admitted to doing such things. He mocked a disabled reporter. His presence in the highest seat in the country enables racist, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic rhetoric and actions from those who support him. I don't like Donald Trump as a man, and I do not like Donald Trump as my president.

But I want to. Lord, I want to. I've seen the metaphor, "why would you want him to fail? He's the pilot of a plane we are all on, wanting him to fail is like wanting a pilot to crash." But the question that begs is... Why do you need a metaphor? I don't need to see him as a pilot or a captain or anything other than a president to hope he does not fail. The US doesn't need to be a plane or a ship for me to understand why you shouldn't hope for your president to fail. Progress, lives, futures and so many more things are on the line in these next 4 years. I do not like him. But I do not want him to fail because he is the president of the country that we all, like it or not, reside in.

I've been very outspoken about my dislike for the president. And I don't intend to stop. I've been public about my political stance and have received backlash. I am sure there are hundreds of people who will say, "told you so" if Trump succeeds. And to that I say, okay. You told me so. You were right, I was wrong. Not only will I be okay with being wrong, I am hoping that I will be wrong. I am looking forward to people telling me they told me so.

I want Donald Trump to be the best president we have ever had. I want him to unite our nation. I want him to profusely apologize for the immensely offensive actions he made during and before his candidacy and actively work to improve relationships with those groups of people he attacked and offended. I want him to fight vehemently for the rights of all people, even those who's existence he doesn't understand or agree with. I want him to leave the Oval Office better than he found it.

Donald Trump will always be allowed to have his opinions. I do not want him to magically become liberal or neglect all of his conservative policies, because I appreciate and respect those who stand firmly in their beliefs. I simply want his conservative policies to be enacted without stripping rights away from anyone and without attacking anyone. Like it or not, we have a republican commander-in-chief, and all those on the left can hope is that those republican beliefs are enacted with respect and minimal harm.

I do not like Donald Trump. Himself and his administration taking over our country is frightening to me, and vastly more frightening to millions of people who don't have the privileges that I realize I do. But for the sake of our country and its people, I truly hope I am proven wrong. I hope everyone who believed in him is right. And he has a monumental amount of work to do to get there, but I truly hope Donald Trump becomes the president, and the man, that I would feel comfortale casting my vote for in 2020. And he has a long way to go.

Please, prove me wrong.