A lot of people like to believe that if tomorrow were to never come it would solve all their problems.

That, my friends, is not the case. Ever.

We all would love a break from the stress and problems that we deal with on a regular basis. Some of us may be piled with loads of school work to finish and others may be going through a life-changing experience. No matter what kind of situation you may be going through, big or small, your life is never worth taking away.

There is a reason for everything that happens throughout our lives.

You did not wake up this morning coincidentally. No, you woke up this morning because there is something much greater out there that you must go out and discover.

Our generation is changing the way the world thinks and behaves.

These days, everyone around us has some type of social media that they use daily. Social media has its perks, but it distracts us from seeing the world with our own two eyes versus seeing it through someone else's.

We all tend to hold ourselves to a certain standard that we must surpass and if we don't then we believe that we have failed. These standards are false accusations of who you truly are. Just because you are not as skinny as that girl or as athletic as that guy does not mean you aren't just as beautiful and talented as everyone else believes you are.

The hardest part of all of this is making ourselves believe that we are worth being here every second of every day. Every day that we are given, we are given another opportunity to reach our full potential.

Things are not going to go our way a lot of times, but that does not mean we must cut our time here short.

Sometimes, our days will feel like months and months will feel like years, and problems after problems will keep reoccurring. That again, my friends, is what we like to call, life. And it always gets better.

Sadly, some people are not able to see truly, how beautiful of a person they are, inside and out, and just want the pain to stop.

We hold these people in our hearts and pray that they have found the peace they were searching for. Though that pain burning inside you is not there telling you to give up, but it is there trying to make you stronger. Nothing in this world comes easy, and if it did, the world would be a very dull place with dull people.

When you begin to think that if tomorrow were to never come things would be much easier, remember all those people whose worlds would crash before them if you weren't here anymore. Just because your pain stops, does not mean everyone else's stops too.

There are so many people in this world that you have yet to meet and so many places you have yet to see. Do not think that these problems and demons you are dealing with will last forever because they won't. Everything happens for a reason.

You will make it through this and come out even stronger than before.

See it. Feel it. Believe it.