Hope Is Never Easy
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Hope Is Never Easy

But I can promise you it will be worth it.

Hope Is Never Easy

There are many reasons to hope.

Hope is a promise that is yet to be fulfilled. It is a victory when overcome, and is the only reason for getting up in the morning. The stem of all hope leads to aspiration and determination to keep moving forward. It is something that is achievable, yet sometimes seems distant. It is something to keep close to your heart no matter the circumstance. It is a futuristic term that gives you motivation to keep pushing forth, even when you feel like there's no reason to.

To have hope is to recognize that there is hopelessness. Hopelessness is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Hopelessness is an unending cycle, a twisted mind-game, and a mindset that many people want to get out of but truly don’t know how. Everybody experiences hopelessness at one point or another, it is a perfectly natural feeling to feel for a short period of time. What is not okay is to be stuck in the mindset of hopelessness by continuing to live life in a victim mentality and or a self-pity party.

A strong person will look towards the future, and will move forward with hope in their heart. They will choose to look towards the future by not letting their past hurts turn into burdens that will only drag them down. It is time to move forward, especially if you are going through this.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You will get through the feelings if you allow yourself to. Life is full of difficult paths, bumps in the road, and circumstances that seem never-ending. When you replace frustration with hope, sadness with trust, bitterness with laughter, and desperation with joy, you will see circumstances in a new light. You will gain a positive perspective for your life and over your circumstances, and you will start to see huge obstacles as tiny giants.

Feelings come and go.

It’s true. Feelings come and go, and it's okay to be feeling the feelings you do in the moment. What’s not okay is to let your emotions ruin your life by letting it transform your decisions. If you let it, your feelings can determine your God-given identity. We are not defined by our past circumstances, and we are not controlled by our emotion. Whoever you are, you are an over-comer.

Hitting rock bottom isn't always a bad thing.

Hitting rock bottom is never easy, but when you do hit the bottom, you know it can only go uphill from there. When you feel completely exhausted, and want to give up and or go a different direction-- keep pushing through. It isn't necessarily a bad thing. I believe hitting rock bottom is a wake up call to most, a time to change for many, and a time to appreciate what is and could be in front of you. It is time to start believing in yourself, and hoping for the best.

Pushing through will only make you stronger.

There are many people nowadays that give up when life circumstances get tough. There are very few people that look at these hard situations as obstacles that are recoverable. I believe the challenges and hardships in life will only grow you as an individual, that is, if you truly let it. You can look at a situation as an obstacle that you will be able to get through, or you can look at the circumstance as a sinkhole, and something that will truly never get better. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I believe it's true, and so should you.

Freedom comes by persevering.

To gain breakthrough is to keep walking by faith, not by sight. It means not giving up when your circumstance is hard to handle. Freedom comes through breakthrough, and breakthrough is typically found through perseverance. When you continue to push forth with hope in your heart, I can guarantee you that you will make it to the other side.

Nothing is ever easy, nor was it intended to be so, but I can promise you that it is always worth fighting for. So, wherever you are at in the current moment, keep pushing through. You will make it to the other side, and it will be worth every hardship endured.

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