Bare Naked Hope

I don't have to look far

To see a shining light

Like a star in the sky

In the glistening night.

I am not blind

To what I see here

A man with a heart

And the sight of a tear.

As I leave he is broken

Wishing for one more

A kiss to seal his love

A hug to feel her warmth.

She knows how he feels

As tears fall from her eyes

She wishes to end the pain

But in truth, those are lies.

She can feel the heartbeat

And the hairs on his chest

She can feel the warm glow

Of his head on her breast.

He remembers her smile

And her eyes closed like so

He recalls each moment

Each sensation, unknown.

They can feel each other

A 6th sense no doubt

To the soft giggling laugh

To the cry of a pout.

I can see much more

Much more than most

They have more than love

They have bare naked hope.