Every week, you get to write about anything you want. Anything. Think of all the random thoughts the pop into your head in the middle of the day and you're like, wow, I could write a novel on that. Or you see something amazing or amazingly awful in the news and you just have to share your reaction. You see those perfectly relatable articles and think, I could write one of those too, no problem. Or even on the rare occasion you feel a little sentimental or even emotional, and you just need some space to share - this is the space.

Yet, even with all of these sources and ideas and feelings, I find myself - and I'm sure you do too - drawing a blank. A real, serious blank. Listicles? Beat that to death. Articles based on Friends gifs? I think I've used every single one of them. Literally, every single one of them. Reactions to political news? Yeah, I think we have thoroughly covered that topic to carry us into the new year. And relatable finals struggles posts? Definitely funny and definitely relatable but also, definitely beaten to death.

Thursday night comes...and goes, and then it's Friday night and articles are due and I'm still left picking my brain for ideas, scrolling through Facebook hoping to spark a wild idea and even asking my roommate what I should write about. Anyone else feel me on this?

Being able to write about anything you want is truly great, but sometimes the topic of anything is just a smudge too broad. I mean that empty white screen that just seems to stare at you, with the word count displaying a big fat zero. Yes, I know, I haven't even started and I'm already out of words.

Honestly, out of all the relatable articles out there, we need a relatable article for ourselves. Those of us who pick and pick at our brains week after week, developing some of the most touching, funny and of course 'wow so relatable' content for everyone out there. And just when you have written the 500 words you want to share for that week, you need to stretch your creativity to thinking of a catchy Facebook share, getting all of the Meta tags, and oh, how about finding the perfect header photo? You finally fall in love with that one picture that encompasses your whole article and then you see that it's 200*300. Really Google? Help a girl out.

And as you can see, I am fighting a serious writer's block of my own, seeing as though I wrote my article on not knowing what to write...

So I hope that you found this funny, and of course, relatable. Now, with this very next word, I will have reached my 500 word goal. Success. I hope that the struggle of the blank page and the endless possibility of ideas affects more people than just me. Not because I want to see you struggle too, but because I want to know that its not just me who hits a wall every now and then. And, as an added treat, here's a picture of a puppy, because, well, we need it.

(Now stay tuned for my article on puppies next week.)