15 Ways Your Relationship Is Serious

When you know the relationship is serious...

1. You fart in front of each other


2. You can joke around.


Sarcasm is your best friend. Saying "I hate you" really means "I love you". You have tickle fights, or pretend fights. You are silly together.

3. You do that laugh.


The one where it sounds like pure happiness. The one that you never really do. The one you really only do with them.

4. You have a TV series you watch together


5. When you call your parents they ask how your partner is doing.


It's the best feeling ever, being told "I was on the phone with my mom and she asked about you so I told her everything"

​6. When you guys aren't together, you miss each other.


You just left? Yea I miss you already. It doesn't matter the time of day or what you're doing, you still miss them. You have phone calls when you cant see each other because you know its the next best thing

7. You're still learning about them


You don't learn big things every day. Sometimes this could just be learning about their thoughts/feelings. Other times its their weird querks.

8. You have your own lives


You give each other space; have your own hobbies, thoughts, likes, dislikes, and friend groups.

9. That doesn't mean you can't do things together


Go out with my group of friends? Of course! Have them become your friends? Best thing ever! But we can hang out with them without one another.

10. You can be in complete silence and feel comfortable


11. ​The little things matter the most.


You make them seem like its nothing, yet you do it all the time: "I bought this for you because it made me think of you", randomly stopping by their house to say hi, or leaving them a love note.

12. Sleeping next to each other is common


Its easier to fall asleep next to them then alone. You can fall asleep with them next to you in .5 seconds, but alone it takes forever and a day. Also, hanging out consists of taking so many naps.

13. You talk about the future


You talk about if you want kids, how many, where you want to live, you aspirations, what/where you want your job to be.

14. You're still a united front after being apart


Work, school, family, friends, and life are all things that get in the way of being with each other 247. Despite not seeing each other a lot, or maybe only seeing each other at night, you both still are on the same page; you both are still together.

15. You're selfless.


You're selfless. You do what the other wants to do, even if you hate it

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