Music That Takes You Back To The Barn

When you come from a little dirt pile by the river in Ohio, you have to find a radio station that actually comes in. Pop music? Nah. Southern Gospel? Maybe not. The only choice left is country. Fun, fresh new country beats that make you want to hit a back road. Here are my five beats!

1. Sober Saturday Night

Yes, we start off with a bit of a sad song. But trust me, it is a song to get you singing in the shower and enough to make you feel stronger. It talks about how alcohol can't chance away his pain which is actually a really brilliant message to the teens today,

2. Dirt on my Boots

This is that classic country song. Oh yeah, dirty boots, cute little country guy, and heading uptown to dance like no one is watching! This is one of those songs that you can sing in the car and can't help but smile and feel like your cruisin' in the backwoods.

3. Crazy Girl

This song is one of those love songs that sounds like a breakup song but then comes back and is actually about a healthy couple. Calling her crazy isn't an insult, it's telling the girl that she is crazy for thinking he could ever live without her. A truly romantic, and country, love track.

4. Humble and Kind

You know those morals mama and daddy tried to teach you? This song takes those and helps us be reminded that those still apply as adults. This world is based on those principles, whether we believe it or not. I think of this song when I am driving home from school. When I am in college, yes they still apply, but no one thinks about staying humble and kind when they are trying to pass a chemistry test. It just reminds me of home.

5. Hometown Girl

Being from a small town, or as I call it "my little dirt pile by the river," in Ohio, football was huge. If you were home on a Friday night then you were there cheering on the Hounds. This song talks about that girl who everyone knew as the "hometown girl." The girl who came to all the football games, basketball games, painted her face and made posters. It's about finding a girl like her, one who will understand when it comes to the small town, home town.

It's funny how music and take us to a different time and place in just a few notes. For me and many others, these songs are our way home.

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