Homesickness 'Home Remedies'
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Student Life

Homesickness 'Home Remedies'

Tips on how to help heal homesickness.

Homesickness 'Home Remedies'
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Moving away from home isn't always easy for anyone, moms, dads, siblings, dogs.. It really is tough! Whether you move five miles away or 532 miles (like me), you are most likely going to experience the burden of homesickness. However, don't let this discourage you, it happens to just about everyone. These are my top 10 healing homesick remedies!

Self Pity Party ONE Night Only!

Who doesn't love to grab a $5 Hot and Ready Pizza from Little Caesar's, and a tub of cookies n' cream ice-cream? This is your one night that you can binge watch your favorite Netflix show and you won't get judged for it.. You deserve it, college is not the easiest thing, so dedicate a Friday night for staying in and enjoying 'you' time.

List All the Reasons You Love Your School.

It may seem lame, but try to come up with all the reasons you chose the school you're at. Maybe it includes how great the parking is, or how awesome fire drills are at 2 a.m.? Maybe not, just try..

Go Out And Fall in Love With Your City.

Get out and GO, GO, GO! Escape your dark, cozy dorm room, and go out and see the city! Hike a mountain, walk around downtown, or make it a goal to find the cutest coffee shop. There is so much to do in a city, make a bucket list and remember why you chose this place in the first place!

Girls Night With the Roomies.

When it has been a long week and you need to unwind, plan a girl's night! My roommates and I had the wonderful idea to push our couches out of the way, and combine our mattress's for girls movie night!

*Side Tip: make as much food as you possible can, and eat, eat, eat!

Handwrite Letters Home And To Friends.

Yes letters, actual ink to paper, with actual stamps! Writing letters is a lost art, that our generation has seem to overlook. How exciting is it when you get mail from your parents? Or grandparents? I jump up and down like a crazy person. Making someone's day for less than a dollar! Send one, and you won't be able to stop.

Bake Your Favorite Recipes From Home.

Call your mom, grandma, your little brother (in my case), or whoever to find your favorite recipes, gather your absolute favorites and hit up the grocery store to recreate your favorite foods to share and taste. If you have special foods close to your heart that taste like home... like buckeyes, (delicious peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate) share them with your friends! Eating bonding, is the best bonding!

Don't Always Go Home.

Sometimes being around family can only make homesickness worse. Don't get me wrong, being around the fam bam is great and it can help, but constantly going home will only make you want to stay there longer. My worst homesick days are right after my family comes and visits and after I leave to go back to college.

Homesickness really does happy and remember that it is OK to miss home, you're not alone. Find what makes you get your mind off of it and be proud of where you are and how you got there. You can do it, you have amazing people believing in you!

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