Mom, I Hate To Say It, But You Were And Will Always Be Right

Mom, I Hate To Say It, But You Were And Will Always Be Right

Even for the girl that was jumping to go to a school 14 hours away, ready to leave, homesickness is real.


When I left to go to school the thought of homesickness never even crossed my mind. Going to school 14 hours away I thought it would be more of an adventure than a sadness. My sister Kaitlin and I are five years apart in age, we fight constantly and bother each other to no end. Did I think I would miss her? No. I was going off on my own, doing my own thing and I was excited not sad, but you were sitting there in the car crying as you drove away from moving me in.

Me on the other hand, I'm jumping up and down and can't wait to start this new chapter. However, three months later I'm sitting here counting the days until I go home. Final exams are coming, the stress is coming in hot and as a freshman, I wish nothing more than to be home right now with my family and my dog.

I picked the University of Alabama because I loved the idea of being far away from home. I wanted a fresh start and I didn't mind being on my own. Up until I went to orientation I didn't know anyone else that went to UA and I thought that would make it even more of an experience. At orientation I met two of my best friends, then when I moved in for recruitment I made another best friend. Though being sick, getting a sprained ankle, roommate troubles, having to move dorms halfway through the semester I was never once homesick. Fall break rolled around and I enjoyed my time at home but was ready to come back to school. It wasn't until about a week and a half ago that the homesickness kicked in 100%.


I call you every day along with my sister, my dad, and my grandparents. I figured that by calling and talking I wouldn't miss much because it would be like I was right there with you. I FaceTime you while I straighten my hair and do my make up just to talk to you. I call Kaitlin and talk about all my problems because even when I already know the solution I miss being able to ask her for advice. As soon as something big happens down here you're the first one I text or call cause it feels weird not to come home and tell you about my day every night.

When I call dad and he is in the middle of a work meeting, he thinks something so he picks up the phone when in reality I'm just bored walking to class. You and dad came and visited last week for Thanksgiving, but it made me miss home even more because all my friends were home, I didn't get to see Kaitlin and I REALLY miss my sweet fur baby Bella.

Don't worry, I am having the time of my life down here. Yes, I miss home, but I know I'll miss t-town as soon as I leave. I made so many friends down here. I have a support system that I know I can always rely on. The sorority feeds me so I'm not starving, but that doesn't mean I won't take some of dad's homemade pasta sauce in containers back to school when I come home.

It took me three months to realize that just because it's a fun adventure doesn't mean I won't miss what was normal to me. So listen closely because I'm only going to say it once and it's going to be the only time you hear me say it. Mom, you were right. In college, we do get homesick. I am counting down the days until I get to come home for three weeks. Home to my bed, home to my dog, home to talking about our days at the dinner table, home to dads cooking, home to my childish fights with Kaitlin and home to you. I'll see you soon.


Your daughter Rachel

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Dear Mom, Now That I'm Older

A letter to the woman who made me the woman I am today.

Dear Mom,

Now that I'm older, I definitely appreciate you a lot more than I did as a kid. I appreciate the little things, from the random text messages to constantly tagging me on Facebook in your "funny" photos and sending me pins of stuff I like on Pinterest. Now that I'm older, I can look back and realize that everything I am is all because of you. You've made me strong but realize it's okay to cry. You've shown me how a mother gives everything to her children to give them a better life than she had, even when she's left with nothing. And, most importantly you've taught me to never give up and without this, I would not be where I am today.

Mom, now that I'm older, I realize that you're the best friend I'm ever going to have. You cheer me on when I try new things and support me in deciding to be whatever person I want to be. Thank you for never telling me I can't do something and helping me figure out ways to be the best woman I can be. Your love for me is unconditional. They say true, unconditional love can only come from God, but mom, I think you're a pretty close second.

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Now that I'm older, I don't get to see you as much. But not seeing you as much just makes the times I do get to see you the absolute best, and I look forward to it every time. Now that I'm older, I'm not going to live at home. But, I promise to always come back because I know the door is always open. Your house is always going to be my home, and no other place is going to be the same.

Now that I'm older, I realize how much I miss you taking care of me. I miss you making me dinner, making sure I was doing well in school, and taking me to endless appointments. I miss you waking me up for school and then waking me up again because I didn't listen the first time.

But, Mom, now that I'm older, I can see all that you've done for me. I can look back and see how big of a brat I was but you still loved me (and let me live) anyways. I can understand why you did certain things and frankly, you're one bada** of a woman.

To have you as my mom and my best friend has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. So, Mom, now that I'm older, thank you, for everything.


Your Daughter

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Some Seasoned Advice From Moms Who Have Experienced Just About Everything

Advice from some AMAZING moms


I asked some of the moms that I know what they would tell their younger selves. What do they wish they'd known when they were younger? What advice do they want young women now to know?

With work and friends...

"My first bit of advice is work related. I have learned to to be very careful repeating information that I have heard in the office. This includes personal & professional matters. I also try to limit my time w/ coworkers that are big gossipers. If you think you might "know" something that could impact a decision, try to direct the person so that they can get the information from the correct source. For example, you might not want to say "Did you hear we fired that major supplier?" You could instead try saying, "Check w/ Jill in purchasing to see if she knows of any vendors w/ the best price on that part."

Second bit is personal. Make time to check in w/ your friends. Things get so busy but quick text or DM to say "thinking of you" can really help a person who's having a hard day."

Keep on working through it...

"1. When adversity strikes don't shy away and get mad, try to get through it with a happy heart because it's God's way of helping you grow. 2. Remember life wasn't meant to be perfect so stop thinking it should be! Just be you and plow through those challenges with a smile on your face. Everything ALWAYS works out!"

Be confident in yourself...

"I would say work on mindset and confidence. I would tell myself not to walk on the safe side of the street. Walk boldly towards what gives you fear and don't be afraid to take chances. When your mindset is focused on persevering through something you fear, the anxiety diminishes and the end result is success. Even if you fail, you did something that scared you and you grew as a person from that experience. You have to repeatedly tell yourself, "I can do this," despite the voices that tell you that you cannot."

Some "don't" advice...

"Don't let society's expectations determine how you live your life. Don't think you're the problem just because you aren't what others expect. You don't have to think inside the box. Don't let anyone hold you back from what you want. Don't stress over not being good enough based on other people's values. Have your own values and don't let other people define you."

Enjoy where you're at...

"I want to tell my younger self that I create my own happiness, not somebody else. When I was younger, I was looking for somebody else to fulfill that need. I feel that the thing that makes something successful is that you have to be whole and happy for yourself. Another thing is that I would tell my younger self not to rush my life. Enjoy where you're at. You can do it all. You can study, go out, be well-rounded. Don't limit yourself."

It's okay to forgive yourself...

"You have to forgive yourself. People are so hard on themselves and put so much pressure on themselves to be perfect all the time. You have to realize that the only way to get through things and live your life is to sometimes cut yourself some slack. Nobody is perfect and that's okay. Give yourself a break."

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