Home Is Where Laughter Ricochets Off The Walls.

As the lights twinkle and the laughter radiates off the walls, I am home. The chaos fades away and I am reminded of the wonderful family and friends that make this place my home.

When I falter and when I fall, I am reminded this holiday season and today on Christmas, that I am deeply loved. No matter what I do or where I may go, I will always be welcomed back home; where the laughter is constant and the forgiveness is great. This Christmas as I sit upon a worn-out sofa with family surrounding me, I know that as the presents are unwrapped and the stocking are emptied, the joy will not fade. But rather, the joy radiates around me, because of the people that surround me.

Coming home is not about a place I come back to, but rather, coming home for me is all about the people. Seeing and engaging with the individuals who helped shape me into who I am today. Those who, although not always near in distance, continually support me and mold me through words of encouragement every single day.

So, as I sit around a tree with lights twinkling, I reminisce about what 'home' means to me. It's not about the place, but rather, it's about the people who support me, those who laugh with me and those that stand beside me even after the ornaments are put away and scattered a crossed the floor are pine needles left over from a beautiful Christmas tree. Even then, they love me unconditionally. That is what coming home means to me. Experiencing a multitude of moments where love radiates and laughter ricochets off the walls.

Where love is present and laughter is constant, that is when I exhale and say 'This is home.'

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