6 Things To Do If You Aren't Going Away For Spring Break

I'm lucky enough to be going away for spring break this year with some of my friends. Usually, though, I'm stuck as home looking for things to do and making fun without being away.

1. Spend time with your friends and family


Being on spring break is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your friends and family, especially if you're a college student who doesn't go home much.

2. Work


I know... who wants to work while they're on break?? If you really have nothing else to do and have a preexisting job, it can be smart to try and get some hours in and make some money.

3. Get your sleeping/eating/workout schedule in order.


If you're like me, your sleeping/eating/workout schedule can get fucked during school. Having a week or so off is the perfect time to get your schedules back in order so you can be the best you can be when break is over.

4. Catch up on any books or TV shows


Finally start that show you've been putting off until you have some free time. Here's your free time!!

5. Go around your hometown!


I'm sure there are places you haven't been to and new places to discover!!

6. Relax...finally.


Take some time for yourself and try and forget about the stress of school and anything else going on. Your mental health is most important.

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