We all have things that we can't let go of. People, habits, material things, grudges, and feelings.

There is a difference between things that we stuff away, and throw in the corners of our minds. Then, on the other hand, there is actually letting go and having something painful release us.

Letting go of what we are holding on to and being released from what is holding on to us are both crucially important to becoming the best versions of ourselves. We cannot move forward when we are being pulled and tied down from behind.

There are things in life that strangle us and hold us hostage.

There are things that can hold us tighter than others. Some have a stronger grip, so strong that it feels like it is suffocating you and weighing you down. It is almost like when you experiencing a severe amount of pain, like getting a shot, and you can't think of anything else. You are stuck in the moment of pain and can't move forward.

These things that control us and hold us prevent us from being our best selves. Whatever it might be that is clinging on to you, that no longer serves you, acknowledge it. Do not keep trying to shove it in the back of your mind and forget about it. Understand why. Why is this not letting you go? How will you be a better person if this releases you? How will you take this release and become the better version of you? If it no longer serves you, allow yourself to be released from its grip.

I challenge you to face what is holding on to you and think positively about how you will be able to better yourself if you make the commitment to be released. Sometimes the things that are holding on to us are the things that we don't want to face the most but in order to move forward, we must be free.

Let go of what no longer serves you.