If Hogwarts Characters Rushed JMU Fraternities...
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If Hogwarts Characters Rushed JMU Fraternities...

What would happen if the guys of Harry Potter decided to rush fraternities at JMU?

If Hogwarts Characters Rushed JMU Fraternities...

Okay, Potter fanatics, try to keep an open mind. Being trapped inside by the snow, my friends and I stayed pretty much horizontal on the couch for two days. With all this new spare time, and not a shred of motivation, we watched movie after movie. After the fourth or fifth Harry Potter movie, we started talking about what would happen if the cast rushed fraternities at JMU. Here is what came of it.

Harry Potter: Sigma Nu.

Definitely checks Greek rank four times a week, but blows whatever insults off because he is too cool to care. He thinks he is better because "he's the chosen one" and his parents were great wizards. I imagine a conversation with Harry to somehow link back to the subject of himself. Granted, we all love him but sometimes I just think "what the hell are you doing Harry?" 

Ron Weasely: Pi Kappa Phi.

    For a while, we could not think of a reason for why Ron was Pikapp, he just is. He is textbook sweetheart goofball. Not your typical frat guy. In fact, Ron could also be a non-greek life but that is what makes him great. Sometimes you can't take him seriously, but then he does a 180 and completely surprises everybody.

 Neville Longbottom: Delta Chi. 

This one was debated for some time. He is hopelessly under appreciated. People overlook him just because he is not as in-your-face as some of the other characters, but he is the most down to earth character in the series. And he turns out to be the one who saves the day. Who says nice guys finish last?

Draco Malfoy: Sigma Chi/ Pi Kappa Alpha.

Draco was probably the one who said nice guys finish last. This one was a toss up. Draco is the guy you love to hate, or hate to love. He is a butt hole but you cannot help but love when he shows up because you know this is gonna be one of the good parts. People are drawn in by his confidence, but he is super into himself and arrogant as hell.  He is witty and snarky and perfectly sarcastic, but somewhere in there is a good side. I mean, he could not even kill Dumledore.

George and Fred Weasley: Kappa Alpha Order.

These guys are like pizza, generally well liked and accepted by everyone. While they have their obnoxious moments, they are chill people you would want to play around of beer pong and chill with. Just look at how high they look right now. These two would definitely be the social chairs.

Cedric Diggory: Alpha Tau Omega.

If Hogwarts had ATO, they would be the jocks of the Guidditch team and Cedric (Robert Pattinson) would be the President. He is a guy's guy -- one of the boys, you know. He is charismatic, athletic, and attractive (maybe a bit too into his looks) and would be a good time at any party.

This one is just for your sheer enjoyment -- two of America's favorites. Thanks, Tumblr.

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