I am so blessed. I am now in Madrid, Spain, not only studying Spanish; but traveling to various cities and learning their culture. Also it doesn't hurt that the food here is amazing. If I'm not careful, I may end up moving here.

In the metropolises of Spain, such as Madrid, there is a culture very similar to that of the United States. There are malls for shopping, even some of the food was founded in America. However, there are parts of the city that let some of the rich history of this country shine through. The architecture is amazing and adds a sense of hospitality to the busy streets of Madrid.

The food here is amazing as I already said. Instead of using preservatives and fake flavors, Spaniards use the freshest fruits and vegetables for their meals. Because they have access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, seafood if very popular here. Also, tapas, or small plates, are a popular choice.

While I have more places and cities to explore while I am here, I can't help but hold Madrid in a special place in my heart. It reminds me of home with the metropolis feel while offering something else that the states cannot. For this reason I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to travel abroad to this wonderful country.