12 Things I've Learned From Avidly Watching Hockey
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12 Things I've Learned From Being A Hockey Fan

The Flyers, and the sport of hockey in general, have taught me about more than just teamwork.

12 Things I've Learned From Being A Hockey Fan
Lauren Oaster

The Philadelphia Flyers have been my favorite hockey team for many years now, but hockey as a sport in its entirety has taught me several valuable lessons. Take note of these 12 things I've learned from being an avid hockey fan.



Fans will do anything for their favorite teams, and players will do anything for their teammates and friends. Loyalty is an important value in any relationship, and this I've learned from loving hockey so vehemently.



Teamwork and determination can get you pretty much anywhere, and as long as you are determined and committed to whatever you are doing you WILL succeed.


Countless hours of practice, a love of the game, and sheer skill get hockey players through their careers. Take note of their dedication, it's what gets them through the tougher days.

Anything is possible

With an army of loyal fans and teammates, hockey players feel indestructible. We can take a page out of that book and tell ourselves that anything is possible.

Distance doesn't break the bond of former teammates




Pun intended, obviously, but watching hockey has taught me that hard work can get you anywhere, from getting out of a 6 goal deficit and winning from behind, or moving in the standings from dead last to be in a playoff position.

Friendships made on teams will last a lifetime


I've learned this from hockey, and from my experiences on sports teams myself, the friends you make on a team are forever. You spend so much time with them traveling, at games, and practicing, that you're bound to get to know them.

Have faith

Whether it's winning a game, tallying a season high, getting a promotion, going somewhere, or whatever it may be, it is possible if you have a little faith in yourself, and everyone that is on your side.

Someone is always on your side, no matter what


Doesn't matter what the score is, or if you perform poorly, you'll always have people, teammates, if you will, there to have your back and support you in the face of a loss or hardship.

Even when you're losing, there will still be people cheering for you


Hockey fans are loyal to the very end, no matter the score, no matter the record, no matter the team. We each have fans of our own in our lives who are always, always cheering for us, no matter what we're going through or dealing with.

A little violence never hurt anybody


Sometimes you need a good hit to knock some sense into you. Being physical isn't always the answer to your problems, but try not to let yourself get pushed around.

 And finally, when you are good at and enjoy what you do, you will be celebrated for it


Regardless of where you are or what you're doing, if you enjoy it and you're good at it, keep on doing it. Celebrate yourself, and celebrate others.

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