"Our differences make us the same." Most children hear this preached to them from a young age, but fewer take to heart what this means. On the day I signed an apartment contract with my roommates, I had no idea what to expect. I was a white chick living with two Hispanic girls who were already friends and I had no idea if they would even like or accept me. I was clueless about what their lives were like prior to my meeting them, but I wanted to build relationships with the girls I would potentially be sharing space with for the next two years!

Y'all. My roommates are the biggest blessing. They are nothing but a BLAST to be around, and I can't thank them enough for their love and encouragement in my life. Here are a few of the greatest things about being more than a lease-filler, but a friend to two talented, dedicated, kick-butt Hispanic beauties!

1. Latin pop has become a regular in my Spotify playlists 

I don't know most of the words because I'm far from fluent in Spanish, but it comforts me to know that sometimes my roommates don't know the lyrics either! We all make up our own words sometimes, in any language!

2. Meeting their families is THE MOST fun!

Every time I'm introduced to another sibling or cousin or high school friend (which is a regular occurrence), it's the best time ever! If there's a family member in our house, it's a party!

3. The kitchen always smells like fancy spices and love!

These girls know how to COOK (a talent I do not possess). I swore off spicy food until they introduced me to *real* taquitos. All kinds of yum! (Although, it makes anything I cook for them WAY less impressive!)

4. I always have a different perspective to consider 

Obviously, our world is pretty politically charged right now and things like race, religion and gender can be really touchy. My sweet roommates have always given me new insight on sociopolitical ideas that have helped shape the way I see my world as a whole. I can't thank them enough for their honesty and ability to just not give a crap when the time is right!

5. They've given me a new appreciation for all living things 

My roomies have a beautiful sense of compassion for all life. I see it in the way they treat their animals, their *many, many* house plants, and everyone that walks through our front door. They understand that all God's creatures needs good food, fresh water, and open blinds.

6. I live with the best design consultants ever 

My roomies have a keen eye for color and texture in everything from bedroom decor and living room set-ups to clothing ensembles and flower arrangements. It amazes me how easily they piece these things together when I struggle to match my shirt and pants in the morning!

7. My roommates' friends assume I'm Hispanic before they meet me, and I love seeing their reactions when they discover I'm not!

My name is "Ella" which is "she" in Spanish, so before meeting me, my roommates' other non Spanish-speaking friends automatically paint a mental picture of what I look like, which isn't usually a blonde, very Caucasian girl covered in tattoos! We all have a good laugh about it afterwards.

Miriam and Tanya, I love you so much. You rock my socks off.