I Am Hispanic Regardless Of The Color Of My Skin
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I Am Hispanic Regardless Of The Color Of My Skin

Respect my identity and I'll respect yours.

I Am Hispanic Regardless Of The Color Of My Skin
Anna Paula Lima | Pexels

A few weeks back I saw a very ignorant tweet claiming that "white" or lighter Hispanics were not really Hispanic because of the color of their skin. At first I laughed because this twitter user used the term "Latinx" which shows they were trying to be sensitive to any gender non-conforming person out there, yet they erased the culture of so many Latinos or Latinas that are not as dark as others.

This tweet was so absurd because there is no possible way for someone to know if lighter Hispanics have suffered discrimination. Many have been heard speaking Spanish and were told to go back to their country, but that's not the only example.

In fact, there are endless examples where one could be discriminated against other than skin color. It may not be as common, but in this day and age, it seems people find any excuse to find diversity and scrutinize it.

I am unmistakably Hispanic and proud. Someone seeing my dark brown hair and dark brown eyes may cause that someone to discriminate against me or give me dirty looks, but I carry my identity with pride.

On many occasions I have been told, "Speak English, you're in America," or even the classic, "Your DACA will get revoked soon now that Trump is president."

I just smile and say "I was born in Texas."

Just because a Latino or Latina has lighter hair and eyes does not mean that their culture is invalid or that they have no real connection to their roots. We should embrace that diversity, using it to our advantage to show the world that Latinos come in all genders, shapes, and skin colors.

We cannot, in this time, begin to tear into the Hispanic community. We have people that constantly do it for us.

Not too long ago at a family event, someone asked one of my relatives if they spoke "American." When they told me this, I was baffled because of the notions and perceptions that exist about Hispanics.

Many people are fighting for equality and making sure others identities are not erased and we are shamed if we do not use the proper pronouns, but those same people fighting for equality sometimes tweet things like "you aren't really Latinx if you are white."

Isn't that erasing identities?

The majority of Latinos are a mixture of European and Native blood because of our history and pigment is controlled by independent assorting genes. That means we have no control over what we look like and what color we are born with.

In other words, to all Latinos and Latinas and all those gender non-conforming Latinxs, be kind and remember that our identity is valid. Don't trivialize or stigmatize someone's struggle because of the color of their skin.

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