11 Lansing Hot Spots That Are Sure To Bring Out Your Inner Hipster

11 Lansing Hot Spots That Are Sure To Bring Out Your Inner Hipster

It's time to explore.

Lansing, the capital of the Mitten State, holds some of the most unique, ultra-urban hotspots you'll ever find. Not only do these hole-in-the-wall businesses give off a chill vibe, but the locals you will come to know could easily become your new pals. I invite you to read up on some of Lansing's finest, but beware: this listicle will leave you itching to throw on those Birkenstocks and start exploring.

1. Strange Matter Coffee Co.

Alexis, Instagram: @alexisrose95

Strange Matter Coffee Co.'s claim to fame is its unique pour-over multi-roasting experience, also providing its customers with a sleek espresso bar. You will be sure to love the natural light within this comfortable dwelling, as well as the unique flavors, such as "Cinnamon Honey Latte," that will leave your taste buds dancing.

2. Horrocks Farm Market.

Katharine, Instagram: @katehashope

What doesn't Horrocks provide? Whether it's that specialty brew you've been searching for, that bottle of wine you've been dying to pop open or the fresh produce for that summer picnic, you'll find it ... in abundance. Horrocks also prepares ready-to-go meals, soup and a colorful greenhouse, making it Lansing's one stop shop!

3. Old Town General Store.

You know the saying "Don't judge a book by the cover"? Well, in this case, judge a store by its exterior, because the interior looks just as amazing! If you're looking for organic products, yummy teas or need a gift idea, stop into Old Town General Store!

4. Juice Nation.

Instagram: @catonmyshirt

This one is a given. Juice Nation offers just that: juice. With two locations in both downtown and Old Town, you will find that press that offers you all the nutrition you need, yet all the flavor you were secretly hoping for. Oh! And don't count out their smoothies at the downtown location: the "Blueberry Bliss" is ... well ... blissful.

5. Firefly Hot Yoga Bar.

Facebook: Firefly Hot Yoga Bar

If you enjoy heat and relaxation, Firefly Hot Yoga bar is for you. The best part? You don't even need to be an experienced yogi. If you have a mat, want to relax and have a desire for chill music, stop in and give it a go!

6. Glazed and Confused.

Instagram: @glazed_and_confused

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, this picture contains a thousand calories. And I'm OK with that. Glazed and Confused is home to some amazing sweet treats, and I can tell you from an experience or two (or three) that you will not be disappointed. I mean, have you ever seen such pretty donuts?

7. American Fifth Spirits.

Instagram: @americanfifth

American Fifth Spirits is "Lansing's first distillery, ever." Local ingredients are added into their drinks, and free tasters are offered to those who crave a swig or two between the hours of 12-5 p.m. on Saturdays. Alcohol isn't all they offer: yummy sweets and snacks are in the mix, such as the pickle and olive platter.

8. Spin Bicycle Shop.

Instagram: @retroduckdotcom

If you like to ride, or you like cats, then hit this place up this summer. Whether you want to start riding or are looking for more gear, the chill staff is here to help. Spin is also a full-service repair shop that takes pride in getting you back on your bike in no time.

9. Fish Ladder Tattoo Co.

Cameron Pohl, Instagram: @campohltattoos

With summer here and your winter clothing hidden away in your closet somewhere, it's time to show off those arms and legs! If you are looking to tat them up or add just a bit of art to your skin, go visit Fish Ladder Tattoo Co. Here you will find some of the best artists in town who will give you just the design you were looking for.

10. Golden Harvest.

If you love eclectic decor and are starving for some homemade food, Golden Harvest will provide just that. As you can tell, they are all about those neat, cool, old, amazing pickings that add contribute to the WOW factor of visiting this stellar scene.

11. Lansing Art Gallery.

Instagram: @lansingartgallery

The Lansing Art Gallery may be non-profit, but it is rich in all things art. Est. 1965, it is home to various exhibitions, camps, galleries and more. The Lansing Art Gallery gives back the community and hosts several ultra-cool and colorful events that branch out onto the sidewalks of Washington Square.

So what you are you waiting for? It's time to tour your town like you've never seen it before!

Cover Image Credit: Flickriver, Lansing 1969

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11 Places To Check Out Between Orange Beach, AL & Grayton Beach, FL

This is how you plan the ultimate gulf coast road trip.

This spring break, my friend and I decided to see as much as we could of the gulf coast and traveled to Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Pensacola, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, and Grayton Beach in search for all the fun activities in the area. Over the week, I compiled a list of all the awesome things you should do if you're visiting any of these beaches. We also decided to vlog our adventures, so you can check that out down below.

1. The Gulf (Orange Beach, AL)

The Gulf is a great beachside seafood restaurant and bar. It has plenty of outdoor seating on the beach and it overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. The view is beautiful, the food is amazing, and it's overall a great place to eat at. Word of warning: A side of chips and guac is $8, so don't let them casually ask if you want to add that to your meal. It's good, but it's enough for the whole table to split the bill.

2. The Hangout (Gulf Shores, AL)

The Hangout is famous for Hangout Fest, but if you're going over spring break, you can still expect to see a band or DJ play at night. There's a restaurant and bar as well.

3. Tanger Outlets (Foley, AL)

While all the clothes in the cute beach boutiques are tempting, this is where you need to shop if you're a college student. Outlets are the best thing that's happened to malls. Take advantage of this one because there are infinite opportunities. The H&M is phenomenal when it comes to deals.

4. The Flora-Bama (Pensacola, FL)

The Flora-Bama is a tourist must for anyone visiting the Gulf Shores-Pensacola area. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, it's the place to be at night-- especially over spring break. Just make sure you never go to the bathroom alone because you will get lost in the labyrinth of never-ending rooms.

5. Landshark Landing (Gulf Breeze, FL)

We found this little gem on accident when we were just looking for a place to park to sit on the beach. This is probably my favorite place we went to on our trip because the atmosphere was so nice and the food and drinks were excellent.

6. Harborwalk Village (Destin, FL)

OK-- so, we didn't actually go here on this particular trip, but since I'm in Destin all the time, I've been there other times. There's usually some sort of show every night, whether it be a band or a comedy act. It's a family-friendly touristy area, but there are also bars right beyond the village part.

7. Crystal Beach (Destin, FL)

If you're looking for a college spring break beach, this is the one for you. There are tons of college students all over this place-- unlike the other beaches, we went to in Pensacola and Grayton.

8. Cantina Loredo (Sandestin, FL)

This is basically my favorite restaurant of all time. It's not 100% unique to the area, but there aren't tons of Cantina Loredos across the country, so if you don't have one back home, go to this while you're here. The pescado tacos are the best thing I've ever tasted and they're under $10 if you go during happy hour (4-7pm). We also got free top-shelf guacamole because I signed up for their e-club.

9. The Village of Baytowne Wharf (Miramar Beach, FL)

Again, we didn't actually fit this into this particular trip, but I've been there before and it's adorable. If you like cute boutiques, local restaurants, and ice cream parlors, this is a stop you can't miss.

10. Blue Mountain Beach Creamery (Santa Rosa Beach, FL)

Speaking of ice cream parlors, Blue Mountain Creamery is a cute little beach ice cream stop you need to make if you're driving on 30A. It's honestly so adorable. However, they only take cash, so be prepared.

11. Grayton Beach (Grayton Beach, FL)

If you're so over college students, Grayton Beach is the beach for you. It's just as beautiful as Crystal Beach, but it's super peaceful and quiet. Grayton Beach is a more expensive area, so there aren't as many people at this one. However, the Red Bar is located on Grayton Beach, and although we couldn't fit that into our schedule, everyone highly recommended it to us.

Check out our travel vlog if you want to see some of these places up close!

Have fun on your trip!

Cover Image Credit: Madison Linnihan

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An 11-Year-Old Girl's French Bulldog Is One Of Many Collective Deaths Of Pets On United Airlines

Losing a pet to old age and illness is one thing; losing one after having trusted an airline to keep them in their care is another.

As many would say, the death of a pet is the death of a loved one -- a family member -- regardless of how long the interaction is. Unfortunately, 11-year-old Sophia Ceballos was left experiencing the tragic loss of her 10-month-old French bulldog after her family's flight with United Airlines. A flight attendant allegedly requested the family to put their bag, in which their dog resided, in an overhead bin, but, as a result of doing so, the family was met with the death of their pet upon landing.

This came after the family was assured their pet would be safe, according to June Lara, a passenger on the same flight.

Another passenger, Maggie Gremminger, told PEOPLE she understood the decision of the family to comply with the flight attendant's order.

"My only thought is that if it had been me, it would have been a hard scenario. The flight attendant is the authority figure, who should be trusted. I was thinking 'maybe there is an improved ventilation system' or something of the sorts. Also, the owner had an infant and other daughter. Causing a scene before flight could risk being kicked off the flight. I can only imagine she felt stuck in her decision to comply."

As anyone can imagine, being put in a situation like this family is never one that is anticipated, but when in doubt, especially when it comes to the orders of an "authority figure," speak up. A life is a life and should never be subjugated to the confinement of a closed compartment, even more so without access to food or water, especially a beloved animal that cannot speak for itself.

Apparently, the departed French bulldog barked throughout the approximate four-hour flight, but, as reported to NBC News, it was turbulence that prevented the family from attending to their pet.

Following the tragedy, United released a statement:

"This was a tragic accident that should never have occurred, as pets should never be placed in the overhead bin. We assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. We are thoroughly investigating what occurred to prevent this from ever happening again."

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a pet has died on United Airlines. In fact, MarketWatch recently reported that United has had the "most animal deaths in 2017." The data comes from the Department of Transportation, where it was documented that there have been 18 deaths of animals during air transportation. Note that these numbers refer to the deaths of pets that flew using the PetSafe cargo program. In-cabin pets, on the other hand, like the recently deceased bulldog of Ceballos, are meant to be placed underneath the seat in front of the owner.

On all U.S. carriers combined, 24 deaths have occurred.

Twenty-four deaths are already one too many and it is such a devastating misfortune to learn that the beloved lives of animals onboard flights are being lost. No one should board a flight with their pet and in return find themselves arranging ways to bury them.

Cover Image Credit: Ghost Presenter via Pexels

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