Last night, I sat in awe and disbelief as the United States elected the first "businessman" president. As a Clinton supporter, I cried and mourned for the rest of America as we faced an unknown and scary future.

I wish that the election would have worked out in Clinton's favor, as many Americans probably do. But the thing is, we can't change what happened, even though we wish we could. What we can do is bring light to the things that happened over the course of this incredible campaign. Although we did not win, and our future ls unknown, we can still bring light to the amazing things that can now become dinner table worthy.

One of the best things that Hillary brought out was the fact that she openly talked about feminist issues, like abortion. Such a topic would have had a different stigma than it does today. It doesn't matter whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, the fact of the matter is that we can now hold open conversation on taboo issues, and not just in terms of abortion.

Another fantastic thing that Hillary did, at least for me, was show how the power of love has the overwhelming capacity to trump hate. We now live in a world where hate could win. However, under her beautiful message to accept and love one another, we can motivate each other and hopefully enact a change in the world.

Women who were once afraid of speaking out, such as myself, are no longer afraid to express their political beliefs. When you look at Hillary's legacy in fifty years, that will be what we remember. Her empowering force and take on the Democrats has brought a breath of fresh air to the millennial generation. If there is a generation that can do it, I know that we can.

Right now, I know that Hillary Clinton is probably an emotional mess, as would anyone be after losing her lifelong dream at a presidential victory. However, her tenacity, strength, and vigor are something that many people, not just Democrats, have to be proud of. We are a connectional support system, and I have no doubt that we will be there for the Clintons as they face this difficult time. Although her dream did not come true last night, she has inspired others to chase after their dreams, while facing a double standard unlike any other presidential candidate before. That, people, is something to be proud of.

I know that we have a rollercoaster ride ahead of us for the next four years, but just because our girl lost the presidency doesn't mean that we, as liberals or as Democrats, cannot enact change. Big changes, like the presidency, started with little acts in our community as a whole. Garnering support from each other will, at many times, be essential for some sanity in this messed up world. If we stay true to Hillary's message of being "stronger together," we can change the world, one idea at a time.