Going To Two Colleges Actually Brought Us Closer
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Going To Two Colleges Actually Brought Us Closer

Best friends sometimes need a little space.

Going To Two Colleges Actually Brought Us Closer
Sarah Mason

When high school graduation quickly pounced on my small class, I'll admit I was scared. I had known this class, and only this class, since preschool. Composition of our class had changed very little since elementary school and now we were all scattering.

Every single one of us was leaving high school to different schools, careers, and places after 14 years at each other's sides. We knew each other's birthdays, full names, parents, siblings, and embarrassing stories. They were my best friends.

My one true best friend had always done everything with me. From cheer tryouts to band competitions, we never were far behind one another. Even after school and weekends were spent side by side. Our two families became one.

Since we both excelled academically we knew that when high school approached that top in class would be a battle. I remember how it was like unspoken stress. A mountain that we both climbed but rather than together it became a lonely race to the top.

That stress and fear that I placed upon myself is the one and the only regret I have of my high school experience. The strain placed on a once beautiful friendship. And I was so scared I was too late to notice it.

By the beginning of senior year we were still friends but not nearly as close. As graduation crept closer we realized how ridiculous we had been and that the true importance was having the friend beside us that understands you better than you know yourself.

But then I decided to attend Missouri State. We had always dreamed of going to Mizzou together. Would we ever be able to keep a hold on this irreplaceable friendship?

What if she finds better friends at college? You know like a better best friend. A best friend that replaces me.

But after 2 years have passed I feel safe to say now that Maddie and I have not drifted apart, but became even closer. She will always be my very bestest friend.

She answers my crazy random phone calls when I need someone. She encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. Without her, I wouldn't have become me. And I'm so proud of every one of her accomplishments.

We may be miles apart now, but true friends like her don't use distance as an excuse but use it as a driver to make the friendship stronger. The trips to see each other are more meaningful and special.

God had a plan for each of us, and even though we wish we didn't have to move away from each other, we both ended up in the right place so far. And the only thing I know for sure is that in the future we will always have each other, no matter how far away we may end up.

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