It's Okay to Graduate Alone

It's OK If You're Finishing High School Without It Being The 'Four Best Years Of Your Life'

Graduating alone is nothing to be ashamed of.

Haley Kennedy

To the senior who graduated alone,

It's okay if you walked into your last day of high school alone. Time has worn away at the toxic friendships in your life, and it's time to build new ones with new people.

It's okay if you didn't have a best friend to decorate matching caps with. Very few people get lucky enough to meet the best friend they'll ever have in high school.

It's okay if you didn't have anyone to adventure with senior year and do all of those "senior things" with. You probably saved more money for college that way anyway, so you'll be better off.

It's okay if you didn't have best friends to do your last high school ceremonies and celebrations with. This is only helping you prepare to be independent in the next phase of your life. It's okay to enjoy your own company and do things alone.

It's okay if you don't have friends to ride to graduation with and party with afterward. Go home and rest, the rest of your life starts tomorrow!

If most people are honest with themselves, high school wasn't the highlight of their lives and was only the beginning of their journey. I know from experience that the types of friends you'll make in college are the types of friends who will be at your wedding and will become lifelong friends. After you throw your cap in the air after you walk across that stage, you'll likely never see anyone you graduated with again, and honestly, that close group of friends you always envied will cease to even text each other in a few months.

Whatever avenue you choose after high school, you will meet new people and you will find friends who will become your people. Congratulations, graduate! Now go meet your people!

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