When I was younger my friends and I were obsessed with Disney Channel. There was a constant stream of television shows on the air that related so perfectly to us and all of our teenage angst (or maybe lack thereof) so of course we watched everything. There was the beloved - and awkward - "Lizzie McGuire", the ornery siblings on "Even Stevens", the obnoxious twin brothers of "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody", and the psychic - and fabulous - teenage fashionista on "That’s So Raven." Although all of these half-hour Disney original series were pretty great, they simply do not compare to the original movies the station came out with. DComs, as they were coined, were about everything from sports, to leprechauns, to dirt bikes, to pixelized superstars, to smart houses, and they were all amazing. The feature length films were advertised weeks in advance and that meant marking our calendars, and planning a movie night to watch the newest addition to the DCom family. All of the movies were great, albeit a bit cheesy, but none can compare the musical franchise that stole the record for the best Disney Channel Original Movie to date (maybe I’m a little biased) - "High School Musical."

To some the musical based in a high school somewhere in New Mexico is annoying. Others deny the fact that they watched the movie a hundred times. I, however, am not ashamed. "High School Musical" was a little (okay, maybe huge) piece of my childhood and something that I may or may not still love. I remember listening to the soundtrack for hours on end, memorizing the lyrics and lines, and re-creating the dance scenes on the driveway of our old house in Tennessee (that must have been fun for the neighbors). "High School Musical" was relatable then, and is still pretty amusing to watch now - ten whole years later. If you don’t have time to sit down and watch all 3 installments of the musical film based on the lives of teenagers, then here are 6 songs you should listen to right now to bring on the middle school nostalgia and honor the ten year anniversary of "High School Musical".

1. Stick to the Status Quo

2. Breaking Free

3. We’re All in This Together

4. Fabulous

5. Bet on It

6. I Just Wanna Be With You

Whether you admit to liking "High School Musical" or consistently claim to hate it, for anyone in college right now there is likely some connection to the Disney Channel original. There's nothing wrong with remembering the good times that came with the films and reminiscing, after all: