Hi, I'm Bi
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Hi, I'm Bi

It's Who I Am

Hi, I'm Bi

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I'm not a slut.

I'm not bi for attention, for your entertainment, to get a rise out of you. I'm not bi for your threesome fantasy, nor am I bi to turn you on.

Hi, I'm bi. And yes, I can commit.

Everyone's perspective on commitment is different regardless of sexual orientation. My orientation doesn't mean I sleep around. I believe in soulmates, finding the one. When I find them, I will love them and only them. Period.

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I'm not confused.

I have never been, and never will be, with a woman. But I know I am attracted to them in a way I am with men. It's not confusing at all.

Hi, I'm bi. And yes, I'm faithful.

Cheating is cheating whether it is with the same sex or not. It's not a "free pass," it's wrong.

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I'm not gay.

If I have the courage to come out as bi, you bet your ass I'd come out as gay if I really was. I don't have one foot in the closet, I'm not hiding anything. Promise.

Hi, I'm bi. And yes, I'm marrying a man.

Marrying my soon-to-be husband does not take away who I am. I will always be myself whether or not I am marrying a man or woman. It's not a "phase," I will always stay the same.

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I can't always get a date.

Liking both men and women does not "raise my chances of getting lucky." I still have a chance of the embarrassing encounter with a homosexual male or heterosexual female. I have just as much of a chance of getting shot down like everyone else.

Hi, I'm bi. And yes, I love Jesus.

I've been going to church with my fiance, loving the feeling of being embraced by a higher power. I don't feel He is vengeful, striking me down for loving others. Everyone has a chance to love God no matter the circumstance.

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I'm not alone.

I'm surrounded by amazing friends and fiance who supports me. I am loved by the world simply by believing so. Everyone has something amazing to offer the world, and I mutually bring my friends up when they feel like the odd one out.

If you're Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Cisgender, Queer, etc., you're not alone. If you feel you can't be who you truly want to be, please visit http://remedylive.com/category/issues/sexuality/?g... or other sources dedicated to educating the LGBT community on what it means to be themselves, and others who we are.

Hi, I'm bi. And no, I'm not a stereotype.

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